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Fortunes Told!

cucumberseed does *great* readings, guys. Take him up on this!

Originally posted by cucumberseed at Fortunes Told!
I've been meaning to do this for a while, but nothing like good, old-fashioned financial hardship (it's not catastrophic - jump in car insurance, jump in internet, short month full of bad weather leading to Kate losing a week's work) to get me off the fence.

I am officially hanging out my shingle for tarot readings! I'm pretty good at it, I like doing it, I can travel, but mostly I work online.

Decks DC Vertigo Tarot (Illustrations by Dave McKeon) and Light Grey Art Lab Tarot (Illustrations by a lot of folks). At some point, I'll pick up another Rider-Waite deck, or make another deck of my own.

Rates $20/hour (1 hour minimum for a 10 card spread / 30 minutes minimum for a 3 card-with-crosses spread) online. Same thing in person + gas money (depending on distance, worked out in advance - I can travel to most anywhere in southern New England). I can do some barter as well. If you want a reading, but are strapped for cash (I know that feeling), let me know and we'll work something out. If I have read for you for money before, we'll keep to those rates. Paypal accepted.

Arrangements Gchat, generally. Address bound to this LJ account. Contact me on LJ or at my email and we'll work out a time. I'm pretty flexible. Also, I can send you images of any cards that jump out as particularly significant during the reading. Unfortunately, they will probably be taken on my camera phone until I can figure out what happened to the cable for my little point-and-shoot. At some point, I may go to Skype.

Questions? Let me know.
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