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Finally Friday

It's been a high-activity week for me. Usually Elayna is content to curl up with Tumblr and Crunchyroll during a vacation week; this week she has needed a constant level of activity. I haven't been this constantly engaged with her during a vacation week in years. I am, of course, happy to spend the time with her. I just wish it wasn't because she needed zero downtime to avoid dwelling on Tor's death.

Yesterday she got a haircut, and I got my eyes checked, and we went to the library.

And oh, that! That is the one good piece of news this week!

I've been borderline for glaucoma for... seven years or so now? And last year, my eye pressure was seriously elevated and I flunked a quadrant of my HVF test. I was dreading going in for this year's exam.

But my eye pressure was down from last year. Considerably. It's 17 this year, which is normal. And I had some difficulty with that same quadrant of the HVF, but less so. The nerves we thought were dead were just compressed by a temporary pressure spike!

I still have all the structural risk factors and difficulty with that one quadrant, but blindness and pain are not Impending. They're a farther way away than I'd thought.

Yeah, I did actually almost weep from sheer relief. Last year looked really, really bad, guys. I had resigned myself.


Thank you all for the condolences about Tor. I haven't written the post about her because I haven't had time (see above re: Elayna keeping me super-busy), but it's weighing on me that I haven't, so I'll try to do it later today or tomorrow.

BPAL Lupercalia decants are here, so here are some reviews:

Antique: Fossilized amber, juniper berry, wild musk, oudh, vetiver, white cedar, black currant, oakmoss, and leather.
In bottle: Ambermusk; leather on further sniffs.
On me: Oh, the leather pops right out. Juniper and vetiver, too. Faint mossiness. This is crisp, gender-neutral, slightly sweet. I can't stop huffing myself. The dominant note on drydown seems to be juniper, and that's when the currant comes out.

En Eski Aşk Şiiri: juniper, tamarisk, almond, lavender honey, sesame, myrrh, olive oil, cedar, and rose
In bottle: Sweet, sweet, sweet! Almondhoney.
On me: OH HAI ALMOND wait there's the lavender ALMOND oooh myrrh - yes, this is a morpher. All sweet deliciousness. The synethesia part of my brain declares this to be a spherical scent, but I don't know how helpful that is; it smells like a soft, malleable honey candy on the tongue feels. It transcends its sweetness and becomes complex. The cedar develops slowly underneath.

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Right now, a grey tank top and jeans, but I'm about to go shower.
Reading: Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson and The Best Science Writing of 2007 (yes, it's been in my to-read bookshelf this whole time, you have no idea how behind I am).
Writing: Nothing this week.
Knitting: Still Elayna's sweater. I'm looking for the perfect complex lace knitting to serve as an antidote to the miles of stockinette in the round.
Tonight: Baking cookies and watching Ouran High School Host Club with Elayna. Tonight, slipjig house concert! RSVP here!
Tomorrow: We are going to brave the Hot Foods party for the first time in years. Regulars, is it any less crowded earlier in the festivities?
Sunday: Elayna's having friends over to work on cosplay stuff, so I will have a few hours off. But that night we are going to Rogue Burlesque: Film Strip! I have decided that that's the first event of my Birthday Week, so you should join me. We're at table 201 with some people at 202, so buy your tickets around there.


How's by you?
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