Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

*sigh*, part the first

On Friday, I was idly goofing off on my iPad and pulled up our app so I could categorize anything that needed categorizing. I know, I have a weird idea of fun. I find categorizing things + a constant awareness of exactly how much money we have and where it's going to be comforting, in the sense that peeking at our full fridge and pantry is comforting.

But Friday was not comforting. Because I found that someone had emptied our bank account. By charging a bunch of stuff on it. From Europe.

And of course our bank was closed, because blizzard.

Adam called Mastercard directly. They connected him to Eastern Bank's fraud division, who clarified that yes, someone had gotten hold of my debit card number; they actually tried to charge an additional eight things, but couldn't because they'd already emptied our account. The fraud division claimed that they would shut down my card, but said they couldn't do anything to reverse the clearly-fraudulent charges; I'd have to call the bank directly.

The bank was, of course, closed on Saturday due to the storm. So I called first thing today. After checking Mint again - and seeing that they let another charge through.

So today they allegedly turned the card off. And will be sending me a new one. But they demanded that I go to the bank in person to fill out the fraud report. They refused to do anything over the phone.

And they said that it would take ten days for their researchers to review the fraud claim, once I submitted it in person. Ten days. For them to determine that a bunch of charges made in Europe, where I have never been, were fraudulent.

Not ten days from our report of the fraud, mind. Ten days from when they decide they feel like doing their jobs.

So. Thank goodness Judah was still home and was able to take me. Because the buses are iffy today and we have freezing rain.

So at the bank, I signed the sheet of paper. And got verification that yes, it would be ten days until we got any of our stolen money back. Also, it will be seven to ten days until I get a replacement debit card, which leaves me all kinds of screwed in several different ways.

When I first ranted about this on Twitter, several kind people offered to loan us money to see us through; I appreciate the thought, but Adam gets paid on Friday, and it would take that long just for that money to process through PayPal. We just have to stick this out.

And switch banks. Because this is ludicrous and unacceptable.
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