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So today I was feeling recalcitrant about writing. (Yes, like every day.) And one of the problems with Cicatrix is that it is so tightly focused... and that that tight focus is all within Ash's head. And there are things that, say, you or I might notice that Ash just wouldn't, and assumptions that Ash makes about hirself that may or may not be accurate.

So I'm writing an Ash-and-Aaron conversation, and I'm frustrated because I have no clue what they'll say, and I have to step outside of Ash and interrogate Aaron directly. Offscreen. The whole novel is Ash's head.

So writer-me asks character-Aaron, what drew you to Ash? Why are you interested? Because Ash definitely doesn't understand why anyone would look twice at hir, so I have to figure this out somehow else.

And I got Answers, man. I got a flow of stream-of-consciousness from Aaron that explains a lot. Parts of it are actually deeply sweet, and parts are intellectual curiosity, and Aaron is an observer and has picked up on some things that Ash is just not aware of about hir own presentation.

So then. Then I could write.

Side note: It is so non-intuitive to be writing a scene that takes place during a heat wave when I'm freezing my butt off over here. I am just saying.

Other than writing.

* Saturday was a hardcore getting-things-done day. I am pleased with our accomplishments!

* Sunday was a slacker day by comparison, but OMG PUPPY BOWL. We had never watched the Puppy Bowl before, and it is my new favorite thing. Next year, we're having a Puppy Bowl party. Then y'all can go watch the Super Bowl somewhere else. I actually still don't know who won the Super Bowl. From what I can tell on Tumblr, Beyonce won.

* Max is doing so much better - thank you, grntserendipity, for recommending Cosequin for him, and thank you, feste_sylvain, for giving us your remaining stash! He's walking normally again and playing with the catnip-stuffed plague rat we bought him at Arisia. <3 So yes. Almost certainly arthritis, but manageable. Will continue to monitor him.

* I am sad that Warby Parker doesn't do progressive multifocals, because I want these. My current frames are discontinued, and the last time my optometrist replaced my lenses, he broke the frames. I got lucky that there was a pair of 'em in the warehouse. My prescription is terribly expensive (they do not make my prescription in non-ultralight lenses), and I would love to not spend hundreds of dollars on frames. I would also love to have non-boring frames. Any Bostonians know of local shops with interesting frames? My other eyeglass limits: The frames need to be wide enough for multifocal lenses, but small enough that they don't look ridiculous on my child-size face. I do not like glasses shopping. I have made myself grumpy about glasses. That's no good. I shall go read a book. *nod*
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