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Random scatterings

It'll be weird when I no longer have to stop writing by 2:30. I time everything to Elayna's schedule, you see.


Places to put your money
* I'm doing the BARCC Walk for Change again this year! Sponsor me! And join my team!
* Oh hey a Kickstarter! Glitter and Madness will be a superfun anthology and you should support it. (And I should write something for it; submissions open soon.)
* Look, another anthology! Bloodchildren, edited by Nisi Shawl, is a benefit anthology, raising money for writers of color to attend Clarion and Clarion West. It features many awesome writers (like our shweta_narayan!), and it's only $8.01, so just go buy it right now and then come back.

Fully Random
* Pretty sure my kittyman is getting arthritic. :( In one of what I think of as the quietly beneficial retroactive actions of the universe, it turns out that feste_sylvain had a stock of just exactly the joint supplement grntserendipity recommended, left over from his late lamented kittyman Haiku. He brought it over today, and my Max will get to try it free of cost and without a vet visit. If it doesn't help, then we talk vet. But he's almost 18. Arthritis would be a perfectly normal thing. Horses, not zebras. In the meantime, I made him a bit of a nest on the wooden radiator cover - makeshift heated kittybed. He likes it very much.

* It is warm today and I got to take a walk. Which is extra good because walks really help me with the writing; I get to free-associate, and I find that scenes have pretty much written themselves by the time I get back to the laptop to record them.

* There is an anonymous confessions meme going on over here; have fun with it! (As usual, I have nothing to confess that people don't already know.)

* I have been quite nauseated for the past two days. I think it's just the air pressure changes. Pretty sure that's why I had that terrible headache last night, too. Winter is not my season. Today is lovely, though.

* I think these are my new living-room curtains. They match the couch, so I'm not introducing yet another color into the room, and the embroidered chrysanthemum is abstract enough to add interest without being FLOWERS IN YOUR FACE. May get them as early as this weekend! Adam's paycheck approaches.

* I have been discovering my eye. I apparently have an eye, interior-design-wise. And sartorially, as asim pointed out. I'm unaccustomed to this idea. I think that comes from having attended a school where everyone was hyperspecialized: "this is the one thing you are best at, so you will do only this." So it's always new to me when I turn out to be good at things I hadn't considered.

* As you observed if you interacted with us at certain social gatherings at Arisia, Judah and I are now open-ish. We'd basically decided to be okay being totally closed until we felt like it was the right time, and a few weeks before Arisia, we suddenly felt interested in exploring things with people in a way we just hadn't before. I'm really glad we gave ourselves the space to let that happen organically! I had a feeling it wouldn't be a forever thing. :) We're still not open to actual relationships only because of the aforementioned time and energy factors; he's still starting a startup and I'm still writing a novel, and we don't see each other near enough! Anyone who tried to get into an actual relationship with us at this point would be very lonely, we fear. But as for fooling around with the understanding that fooling around != Relationship, yes, we are open that far.

I think that is all for right now!
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