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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Wow, y'all, I do not think I can even try to recap that con. In… 
23rd-Jan-2013 01:18 pm
Wow, y'all, I do not think I can even try to recap that con.

In really brief:
* Lit Track seems to have gone really well! I only made it to two panels I wasn't on, but they were wonderful.
* Nothing that blew up blew up on my track, and everything that blew up is being taken very seriously and was the topic of much vehement discussion in Program Nexus.
* I hung out with so many awesome people, and I'm not doing a name-check list because I will forget someone and then I'll feel guilty. Know that I adore you and I did not get to spend nearly enough time with you. That is a universal truth.
* Everyone who was at the me/cucumberseed/skogkatt reading seemed to love everything they heard, which was fantastic. cucumberseed's story will be in Strange Horizons soon, and you can buy skogkatt's chapbook straight from her!
* Barfleet gave me an award for being a Friend of the Fleet! I get Special Privileges! (The accent I was talking in that night was 100% lbitw's fault.)
* swashbucklr's party was legendary.
* I was pretty much going full throttle the entire weekend, barely enough time to catch my breath. Had a small mood-collapse Monday afternoon, but recovered quickly, and I'm overall feeling pretty good for having just done a four-day con as a participant + staff + running my household.

*stretch* I was sleeping better at the hotel; I think that our bed is too firm for me. We're talking about getting a king-size Tempurpedic when Elayna goes to college (we'll move our current bed into her room; it'll be better for guests than her twin bed). Princess and the pea, man.

I had big plans of jumping right back on writing Cicatrix straight from the con. I had forgotten that this is Elayna's midterms week, which means she'll be home at noon every day. Not nearly enough writing time. But I do have a manuscript to copyedit that needs to be done by Friday, so I can do that and then dive into the slushpile - we got a new stack of partials. That, I can do under the threat of interruption.

And I must go do that now! But I did not want you to think that the con ate me.

(It did nibble a bit.)
23rd-Jan-2013 10:30 pm (UTC)
As you know, I have a Tempurpedic. I love it. I think it's totally worth having one.

For those who can't afford one, or just want a deal, and can wait two months, here's how I got mine. Brookstone, the retail gadget folks, have a deal with Tempurpedic. Any employee who works there for over sixty days is eligible to buy beds, pillows, and mattress toppers at discount. It's usually between 50-75%. My queen-size retailed at $1800, and I got it with the box spring for just over $500 or so.
23rd-Jan-2013 10:31 pm (UTC)
Also, thanks for the compliment. I do enjoy throwing parties.
28th-Jan-2013 03:35 pm (UTC)
I could wait two months, but I can't give up two months of worktime for it! I don't suppose you still have Brookstone Connections?

(And thank you. **big hug**)
29th-Jan-2013 04:15 pm (UTC)
My boss for the seasonal stores is still around. She works out of a store in NH. I'll look into the policy.

And the cool thing about it is that one doesn't need to work full-time, just be on the payroll. Not that I'm recommending it to you, but just as a note.
24th-Jan-2013 06:18 am (UTC)
Avoid the Bob-O-Pedic knockoff. I know, I know, with a name like Bob how can it be bad, but I slept on one intermittently for nine months and by the end wanted to set it on fire. (Instead I drove it across South Jersey and unleashed it on my brother, who didn't own a bed.)

If the months before Elayna leaves for college seem to be taking too long for a new mattress to become feasible, would a memory foam mattress topper work its way into your life well? Sleep is super-important.
22nd-May-2013 05:06 am (UTC)
So which two panels did you go to that you weren't on?
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