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The Care and Feeding of Shira at Arisia

Here is your annual reminder of how to deal with me at a con! I've tried to update it appropriately, but I may not have changed everything over from last year.

* Do not grab me from behind or play guess-who or any of that. My reflex is to strike to disable when I am seized unawares. I do my best to control that reflex, but it's harder when I'm overwhelmed, and cons are overwhelming.

* Yes, my hair is curly. Please refrain from sticking your hands into it.

* I have celiac disease; this means I cannot eat that yummy cookie you baked. Please do not be insulted. I am sure it is delicious. Also, if we're out to dinner and you want to try my food, let me put it on your plate, because your fork on my plate will make me sick. Also also, if I decline a dinner invite because I can't eat safely at a place, please don't take it personally. I gotta look out for me. And I'm not going to insist that you change your dinner plans to accommodate me! It's cool, we'll hang out later.

* I also have temporal lobe epilepsy. The seizures I get are complex partial seizures; they don't look like the seizures on TV. The general guideline is that if I'm unusually quiet, you'd be doing well to check and make sure I'm responsive. If I am nonresponsive, please call Adam and/or Judah; their cell phone numbers will be on the back of my badge. Do not attempt any preventative methods like shoving anything in my mouth, please. Just make sure I don't walk into traffic. A normal complex partial seizure lasts 3-5 minutes. If I'm out for more than 5 minutes, that's when you call for emergency medical assistance, not before. Note that I have never required emergency medical assistance for a seizure, so even if I have one, I'm probably going to be fine. If I do have a seizure, I will be very very exhausted and spacey when I come out of it; please help me get up to my room to rest, or find a trusted someone to do so. Again, none of this will probably be necessary, but just in case, you should know it.

* If you know me from LJ, please do introduce yourself! I want to meet you! I know I look busy. Because I am. But I want to meet you! I always feel silly when I've been seeing someone in the halls for three days straight and only after I go home and they comment on LJ do I realize that I totally know who they were.

* If I'm on my way to a panel, I will tell you, and you gotta let me go. I absolutely want to hang out with you, but if I'm en route, I don't have time to say more than "hibye!"; please don't take it personally, and do track me down at parties that night!

* I'm a hugger. Hugs are good.

The best way to guarantee seeing me is on a panel or at my reading. Other than that, I'm available for meals most days - just text me to set something up! Also I plan on hitting evening parties, and would welcome party buddies.

* If you don't have my cell phone number and feel like you ought to, e-mail me. Note that I am a text-based lifeform.

* I'm on a bunch of program items. That means that for a not-insignificant part of the con, I will not be answering my phone. Because that's rude, that's why. But if you text me, I'll get back to you as soon as the panel's over (or faster if it's urgent).

Specific to this year
Abbreviated schedule:
Saturday 2:30pm: The Body of the Future
Saturday 5:30pm: Art Exchange Prep 1
Saturday 8:30pm: Speculative Poetry Reading
Sunday 1:00pm Reading: Amundsen, Lipkin, Rios
Sunday 2:30pm: Art Exchange Prep 2
Sunday 7:00pm: Addressing Sexual Harassment in Our Communities
Sunday 8:30pm: Speculative Poetry is Awesome
Monday 12:00-2:00pm: Office Hours
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