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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Two statements and a question!

* "Splinter" is on Tangent Online's 2012 Recommended Reading List! Yay!

* My short story "Becca at the End of the World" has been acquired by Apex and will come out late this year. (My poem "The Busker, Broke and Busted" will be there in May, hypothetically, and they like to space authors out.) This is the zombie story I won't read in front of Elayna. So if you've been curious about that, you will get to read it.

Are you going to Wiscon?


*stretch* Right. Yesterday afternoon, I did all of the awful pain-in-the-ass things I'd had saved up to do. And then I had a date night with Judah, the highlight of which was a Dessa concert during which I fell even more in love with Dessa. This has resulted in a late start today, as we got home at midnight and I was doing a lot of dancing on a concrete floor so ow.

While I am here and before I shower, BPAL reviews!

Frank Burns: Bay rum, polished oak, exquisite pipe and cigar tobaccos, and a splash of bourbon.
In bottle: Something smells oddly fruity? Not bad, just unexpected.
On me: Ah, there's the tobacco. And a slight booziness. Ummyeah. I would wear this in drag. Gentleman's study. Deepens beautifully.

Miss Addie: Red sandalwood, vanilla orchid, sweet clove, neroli, apple blossom, and a gentle hint of star anise.
In bottle: *scrunches up face* Is that overly floral?
On me: Yes.

Right then! Shower. Administrivia. That flash story I'd like to knock out. TTYL, y'all.
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