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I leave for Florida first thing Sunday morning, and I do mean first thing. And I'm busy much f tomorrow. So all of my prep needs to be done today and tomorrow morning. I have the big list of things that need to get done, and I'm evaluating how many of them actually can get done without bending the laws of physics.

I had my bra fitting! It was sort of super-awkward, because they are Very Classy there and help you into the bras and won't let you hang things up and basically treat you like you are a wealthy person who Has People for these things, and I was very aware that my jeans were from Target, is all I'm saying. I'm having weird class things in my head right now, being as I've spent so much time in Florida and then have bounced back up here. A very important class divide, I think, is whether you check the price tags on things. In Florida, no one in my birth or adopted family checks price tags ever. I was raised not looking at price tags - do you love it? Then you bring it up to the counter and Mom or Dad whips out a credit card. Whereas in my solo adult life, I am constantly doing the math. I do not whip out the credit card for Elayna; we can get it or it will have to wait til the next pay period or she should put it on her wishlist for the grandparents to get her. And, erf. Being in Florida for longer than a few days is bad for me, because I start to slide into that entitlement, and I bring it back with me and am surly that I cannot perform retail therapy because that is not our lifestyle. I've had a real mismatch this autumn/winter. Re-entry is hard.

Anyway I am a 32DDD/E. Which is less ridiculous than it could have been. And it was an educational experience; I now know what shapes and styles of bra suit me best. Like, with many full-coverage bras, I have a weird poofiness/bagginess at the top near the strap, even if they don't hold my entire breast. That is, I discovered, because the bra comes up too high on me! It's a short-torso thing! Educational! I am now wearing this in black - my late Chanukah gift from Judah. I would never have looked at a demi-bra, but dude! This has structure!

Anyway enough about my boobs. Running out of time here.

We succeeded in getting All the Things on my new laptop, yay! And I adore it. *pets laptop*

Today is a day for copyediting, possibly another paying gig, and packing. I'm in a bit of a flail over packing. What clothes? What jewelry? What knitting? What emergency gluten-free supplies?

And completing my Boskone panelist survey, and returning e-mails, and handling the most recent wave of Arisia changes, and All the Things.

So yes, I'll be in Florida all next week, and my internetting will be infrequent. The way things have been lately, you might not be able to tell that I'm gone! But I'm hoping that this break will be the reset that I need. I'm jamming to get all of the piled-up stuff done before I go, so here's hoping that, upon my return, I'll be able to get right back on the schedule of my choosing.
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