Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Well, besides that... was a hectic, chaotic weekend. As I said on Twitter, I had to make a Gantt chart to figure out how we could get All the Things done.

And then my laptop died and I lost the chart. >.<

But it was okay, because I was able to reconstruct the data from e-mails. And we pulled off several masterful feats of stacking responsibilities, splitting the household in various directions so that Elayna and I could do her holiday shopping/our travel shopping in Target and finish just as Adam, who'd dropped us off en route to his haircut, tipped his hairstylist. For example. Lots of this. "Okay, you go here, you go there, you do your damn laundry. GO!"

So everything got done, including Victoria's vet visit.

Oh, Tor.

Tor has a lump on her head. She seems to be fine otherwise; no changes in behavior, and the lump doesn't seem to be causing her any pain. But of course we're going to get that checked out. Having just lost a cat to cancer and all.

The vet poked and prodded and extracted cells from it, whereupon he informed us that it was not acting like a sebaceous cyst or a lipoma. It is definitely "a growth of some kind". Said cells will be tested, and we will know tomorrow or Wednesday if it's benign or malignant. And if it's a thing we can "wait and see" on, or if she'll need further expensive intervention.

*sigh* *stretch*

So half the BPAL sale money went to finishing our holiday shopping, and the other half went directly to the vet. And we still owe him money for Jack's cremation, which I awkwardly explained that we could not pay for right now (because of $300 for still-living cat, college applications, holiday shopping, Elayna's impending band trip to NYC; things are scary here). The vet tech was very understanding.

And handed me the box of Jack's ashes anyway.

At which point I promptly lost all of the brain I had left in me and could barely do basic math, scribbled the check number on my hand because I didn't remember that they would give me a receipt, was all-around stumbly, and barely managed to keep my shit together on the car ride home with my sweet-little-boy-cat's ashes clutched in my lap.

Judah greeted us at the door; he looked at the box in my hands, then at me, and knew immediately. I stashed the box in my office and collapsed on the couch; Judah went and put it up in the attic. I don't know what to do with an indoor cat's ashes. I have no idea. I didn't want them. It's just that the only choices were to take his body home and bury him ourselves or have him cremated, and none of us were emotionally capable of picking up his body and bringing it home, so.

So there's that. I don't know. I just don't.

So, Tor. Big bump on her head, and two tiny ones in all of the fat & fur of her belly. Possible cancer. We have no monies. We are expecting some monies eventually that should cover the next whatever - money for the books I copyedited in November and the books Adam reviewed in the last howeverlong, and payment for my most recent story. I will launch back into copyediting my two December books as soon as I have a computer with anything that can track changes and not give me eyestrain. I can't launch the BPAL sale on the forums yet, because I am NOT going to try to mail anything this week, much less stare at the Eyestrain of D00m screen all day updating the list.

We'll be in Florida (except Judah, who'll be here and able to take care of whatever Tor needs) all next week. I'm treating that like a break, a reset. I will hope that a perfect fundraising solution comes to me. We'll see.

I got everything done this weekend that I needed to, though, and did make it to one of the parties (we'd planned for at least two, but the cat stuff threw us all off our axis). And Elayna got all of her college applications in, as I said previously. My new laptop arrives tomorrow, as do the last of the holiday gifts that are coming here instead of going directly to my aunt and uncle's house in Florida. Today I am doing laundry, setting my house in order, and waiting.
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