Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


So, last night, my laptop died.

I am getting a lot of questions on Twitter about how exactly it died, and there's a long story because it died in at least two different ways, and we can't tell how many other ways it died because one of the ways is the screen. We did a blind TimeMachine backup. I haven't lost any of my writing (back up your stuff religiously, guys!), but I did lose a completely copyedited manuscript and some other important things. Unless they're not really lost. Which I won't know til we can hook TimeMachine up to a working computer. LET'S HOPE.

I have had offers of loaner junker computers, but y'all, for all of 2012 I have been limping along on near-death junkers. The last computer that was actually mine can no longer run any program for more than ten minutes without the spinny wheel of doom. I keep getting shuffled from piece of crap to piece of crap. On the most recent one, I had battery life of 30-45 minutes and not enough space for any music.

Judah set me up with a kludged-together rig from his stuff: a Mac Mini, a keyboard I have to hold down with one hand so it doesn't jump off the desk with every keystroke, and a monitor on which everything appears out of focus. Massive eyestrain within the first five minutes. This is only here so I can make Arisia corrections (the Arisia system, Zambia, doesn't work on iPads) and pay our bills (which we keep track of online).

We've bitten the bullet and gotten an Apple line of credit to get me an actually new computer. We have no idea how much it'll cost us per month, but we had no choice. I have a stack of dead laptops in my office right now and the thought of adding to that stack at the rate I've been doing so sends me right into meltdown mode.

I can't work without a computer. I can't write, and I can't do the copyediting work that pays me, either.

I can't *afford* a new computer.

I have no choice, though.


In addition, Victoria has a large hard bump on her head. We think it's probably a cyst and probably harmless, but that's still probably $200 just to get it looked at, never mind tests. We're doing Elayna's college applications this weekend, too, and that's money. She needs to pay her class dues, which she knew about in freshman year but somehow failed to ever tell us. We need to pay another $100 toward her band's trip to New York.

I honestly have no idea exactly how bad things are right now, because there are umpty-million things money needs to go to. So I'm going to sit down and pay bills and try to get a better idea.

So this is to say that I will not be online very much until Wednesday, when the new computer gets here, and also that I hate not being able to have a day job because it would be really nice to not be financially terrified all the time.
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