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Various and sundry information

* Elayna's school play, The Shakespeare Project, opens tonight! It's tonight at 7, tomorrow at 3. Tickets are $5.

* We are touring the Boston Athanaeum in January! "This event will feature a tour of the Athenaeum’s landmark building at 10 ½ Beacon Street, including the conservation laboratory, where rare books, maps and manuscripts are preserved. After a demonstration of the art of bookbinding, there will be a display of rarities including alchemical volumes; texts by Athanasius Kircher; and the memoirs of a 19th century highwayman, bound in his own skin." Said memoirs were bound in his own skin and given to his accuser as a sign of respect, and used to spank naughty children. !!!

* "Every day, Just Detention International hears from survivors of sexual abuse who are behind bars and struggling to heal. This holiday season, you can give a survivor some hope by sending a personal message to remind them that they have not been forgotten."

* I finally have our plane tickets for our Christmas visit to Florida... so for the first time since June, I am actually able to make plans for my month. Y'all have no idea. I am a person who needs to know what is happening and when, and I had months of end-of-life cat care launching directly into my grandmother dying at an accelerated pace and me being unable to commit to anything ever because I might have to leave town at a moment's notice. I am exhausted from all of the "I don't know"s. I feel like I can be back on track in December. The Florida travel was the last piece of that puzzle. Phew.

* I have been digging myself out from under, in general. Months of piles of crap. I am taking on large annoying tasks and accretions of smaller tasks, things that have been eluding me because in order to do X I needed Y which required Z. Getting it done. Hard, hard work. Very constant hard work. I need a vacation, but there are no vacations to be had, no time and no money. I will get past this.

* Elayna is almost done with her college applications. All she needs is her arts supplement video. I'll be recording tonight's performance, and she's getting footage of Seussical; we'll decide from there whether to wait til December 14's concert for fresh band and a capella footage, or work with what we have. She's doing Wellesley and Mount Holyoke interviews next weekend, and has requested a Smith alumna interview. She's already submitted the applications that don't take the arts supplement. It's about to all be over but the waiting.

* The BPAL sale will be up on Monday.

In conclusion, this meme, stolen from 'round about everyone at this point:

Tell me about a story I haven’t written, and I’ll give you one sentence from that story.

How's by you?
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