Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

hello friday

Phew. It has been a hell of a week, emphasis on the hell.

But I'm emerging from it with a lot of stuff done and a good handle on the rest of the stuff. I haven't gotten writing done since I finished the story earlier this week, but 'round about Wednesday, I realized that I could try to write and try to deal with the crushing mass of non-writing things, or I could deal with all of the non-writing things this week so they're no longer in my way. My writerbrain works better when part of me is not freaking out about other major tasks with deadlines, so that's what I did.

*decisive nod*

This week has not been without cost or small-to-medium-size meltdowns, but it will not get this way again. Extraordinary circumstances.

The only things on my epic to-do list that are incomplete are the things I need other people for - Thanksgiving planning, getting Elayna to write her essays, et cetera - and holiday knitting. So today, as I've just done the last of the to-do list, I will shower and I will work on my mother's shawl. If I can get to the non-lace wide border, I can even watch a movie for part of my knitting. (Not during the lace repeat. I'm not that good.)

(And I need to photograph the latest batch of knitted stuff. By which I mean, um, like a year's worth. Hi. But I've given up on getting my family to pose, so I'll just photograph it all on couches and cats. That's a thing I can do today.)

Friday Memeage!

Wearing: Donut pajamas. Still don't know what I'm going to wear post-shower. I am forced to host a Business Dinner tonight. :P
Reading: Captain Vorpatril's Alliance by Lois McMaster Bujold.
Writing: I am between things! I have a few poems burbling. Next I'll either finish the third story in the Vegas arc or write the katabasis story. Hopefully the katabasis story will find itself ready to be written.
Knitting: Ohoho. On the needles:
* Hamamelis shawl for Mom
* Akimbo shawl for Judah
* 64 Crayons blanket, but in sock yarn, because there are things wrong with me.
* And coming soon, Geysir Stretch from the just-started Choreoknit KAL, either the hat that's the next pattern in that KAL or the Dude Hat for Adam, and the Still Light Tunic for Elayna.
Planning: Jeebus. Workin' today, hosting business dinner tonight, hopefully having some downtime after. Getting Elayna to finish her essays. Saturday, Adam gets home! Yay! So we'll all catch up with him, and Elayna will finish and polish her essays, because Sunday we want to start the college application process. (Also Saturday night we are going to a party. And I thought we were having a meeting in the afternoon that we seem to not be having. I don't know. My life is confusing right now, but will settle down.)

How's by you?
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