Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Random BPAL testing

(I pretty much missed the Halloweenies entirely - should've picked up some pumpkins!)

I am actually not wearing BPAL as much anymore, and I have a really large collection. So whenever I have the patience to sit down for a few hours and go through the smelly things, there'll be a sales post. I'm not doing this on eBay because eBay has screwed me before and their new policies offer zero recourse. There will be some that I'll auction (Storyville, anyone?), but many of, say, the GC imps will be bundled together, because the reason I stopped selling leftover BPAL in the first place was the fiddliness of packing up dozens of little envelopes in a day. So there'll probably be the Rappacini's Garden lot and the Excolo lot, et cetera.

If there are scents you're specifically looking for, let me know!

Onward to the newer LEs!

Harvest Moon 2012
This Harvest lunacy combines the autumnal scents of balsam fir, cedar, sorrel, thyme, juniper berry, clove, saffron, damson plum, chrysanthemum, sage, black cherry, and fennel with dry maple leaves, golden ale, the crushed wine grapes of Dionysus, and Janus' lingum aloes.
In bottle: Mostly plum and cherry, with a thin thread of woods.
On me: Here the plum gets smooshed. It blends with the grapes and various other things. There's a faintly cologney smell. The cherry is spiking up to reassert itself.

Lavender with tobacco, zdravetz, Haitian vetiver, and blue lotus absolute.
On me: THAT SURE IS LAVENDER YEP YEP. BARCC sells lavender-stuffed products as a fundraiser, and this is like being behind that sales table. And having a bucket of lavender essential oil dumped on your head.

Black Pumpkin Floss
Pumpkin candyfloss spiked with black licorice, black currant, and smoked maple.
In bottle: Sweet sweet pumpkin with a hit of maple.
On me: Same. Deepens with a slither of licorice and currant. Um, I may need to find money for a bottle of this.

Red Pumpkin Floss
Pumpkin candyfloss with red licorice, wild cherry, wild plum, and red currant.
In bottle: HI TWIZZLERS!
On me: Oh hai cherries and currants. Nom. The pumpkin is totally absent from this one, on my skin.
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