Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Still Alive

Yes yes I know I disappeared for a week, mea culpa. Let me sum up.

My utter collapse last Monday afternoon was probably due to a complex partial seizure... I pieced together the moments leading to me struggling up the stairs/to bed and they seem very post-ictal. Along with other factors. So. That probably happened.

(I hate it when no one's around when I have one because then I wonder if it really happened. But also I hate it when people *are* around because seizures are a scary thing for them to witness.)

Elayna came home sick Monday and was home sick Tuesday; Adam was home sick Wednesday. Thursday I lost to an interpersonal crisis (since resolved).

Friday my computer started flailing again. It is old (Apple does not make it anymore) and really needs to be replaced, and I really do not have the money for that! So Friday was a day of Judah working on my computer, trying several ways to save it, and concluding that yep, I could not continue with this computer. Temporary solution: Everything but my music is now on Adam's old-but-newer-than-mine laptop. To save space, the music is on my old laptop. So finally, once again, I can write without the terror that I would Lose All The Things.

Saturday we Cleaned All the Things! Very exciting! The downstairs living room is now actually presentable! Exclamation point! We celebrated by seeing Pitch Perfect, which we loved.

Sunday is mostly a blur. I got some knitting done. And had some terrifying moments when the needle tip kept popping off the cable. >.< Monday I had some sort of abdominal awfulness and spent the day dazed, ouchy, and nauseated...

...and that brings us up to today, when I woke up with the cold Elayna brought home last week.


So that's me.
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