Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Reminder we are having a party tomorrow! 2pm to whenever. Celebrating autumn. I need to plan out my autumn baking.

*stretch* It's been a really hectic few weeks. Dizzyingly hectic. I finally got a chance to sit down with Judah and figure out our schedules for the next little while, which helps. My schedule for the next few days is scary-packed.

But look, here is a cool thing I did. I identified the things in my life that I should do daily lest I be very cranky that I didn't get to them. Writing, knitting, reading, and a little exercise. I don't exercise like tithenai, but then I am not able-bodied! I just need to take a good walk every day.

So what I've been doing is sitting down, trying to force the writing from a cold start (when I haven't been sidelined onto other stuff altogether, which has been the case most of the summer), and getting frustrated when that doesn't work. I then punish myself by not letting myself do anything fun the rest of the day because I got insufficient work done. Because if I didn't write, I don't deserve downtime, etc.

Thing is, the reading is an important feed-by-brain + relaxing thing, and the knitting is an important productive-activity + relaxing thing, and taking those away is the opposite of help.

So yesterday I could not kick my writerbrain into gear. Instead of going AAGH - I picked up my more complicated knitting to use it as a meditational focus thing.

And it worked; my subconscious linked two important things, and my writerbrain took off on the story, and when I finished the row I went and wrote. Got 1400 words.

First time I've gotten writing done in ages.

Also, I paid attention and when I got to the point of falling out of focus and spinning my wheels, I stopped instead of trying to slog along.

So we'll see if that works! (I read in the afternoon, and walked three miles in the evening.)

And now I am going to go get *coffee*. Which I haven't yet. Mrph. G'mornin'.
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