Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

I'm in the middle of heavy housecleaning and reorg, to be followed by writing prep so I can launch into writing time tomorrow. So for now you get Link Soup!

* The Greak Geek Sexism Debate. Compare and contrast Readercon, The Amazing Meeting, and DefCon. (I'm surprised PAX isn't there.)

* For those who missed it, DragonCon ticket money still goes to co-founder and serial child molester Ed Kramer. If you go to DragonCon, you are directly contributing to Kramer's six-figure income. I really need you to be aware of that.

* N.K. Jemisin has some Things People Need to Understand. I was going to quote from it, but really you just need to read the whole thing.

* The proto-rapists of OKCupid.

And on the bright side, the US Department of Justice has finally released the first-ever national standards aimed at ending sexual abuse in detention, as mandated by the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003. Check it.


Judah finally built the storage cubbies for my office, and I have gone through All the Things and organized them and it is all set up! <3 We also did a lot of attic cleaning and organization, and then there was a party, and I took a knitting class, and oh yeah before all that there was a Frank Turner concert. Everything is jumbled up together, and my voice is raspy because of concert and party and also because the attic dust has messed with my lungs, whee.

I will be visiting my Florida family Friday-Monday. Yes, I'm dreading it, but my parents tried to extend the visit to a full week, which - no. I lost my entire summer of worktime. I cannot lose the entirety of next week. Bad enough I only get three workdays this week and four next. No. Plus I doubt I can make it through a week in South Florida without getting glutened. So Friday-Monday isn't terrible, comparatively.

Right, then. More house stuff!
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