Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

The Gojirawitz Girls and the Moon

Adam and Judah had both gone to bed early, and I was just finishing up online when I saw reference to how lovely the moon was. So I poked my head into Elayna's room and summoned her away from her internet, and we went out to look at the moon.

Which was framed by the enormous maple tree in front of our house. And we stood under the tree and looked up at the big gorgeous moon, and we talked about Blue Moons and harvest moons and all manner of Matters Lunar.

And we made a pinkie promise that, no matter where and when we were, when we looked up at the moon, we'd remember each other.

"You're going to college next year," I said, playing with her hair, "and then you'll have your own apartment, but we'll still have the moon."

"We will always have the moon," she agreed, and said, "Did you know that I find it really comforting to have my hair played with? Or did you just start doing it randomly?"

"Randomly, I guess. I've been playing with your hair my whole life, since you barely had any!"

"Ha!" she realized. "...that's why I find it comforting, I guess. Because of you."

We regarded the moon further, and I quietly said "I have been so lucky to have you as my daughter." She rested her head on my shoulder, and I rested my head on her head, and we sideways hugged. And talked about little bits of nothing. And eventually went back in, upstairs, to bed.

She starts her senior year on Thursday. She really just realized yesterday that she needs to narrow down what colleges she's applying to because the time to apply is Real Soon Now. We're about to launch into an absolute frenzy.

It was important to go say hello to the moon.
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