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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Signal Boost: 5 hours to go on Clockwork Phoenix 4 Kickstarter! 
9th-Aug-2012 06:35 am
Originally posted by tithenai at Signal Boost: 5 hours to go on Clockwork Phoenix 4 Kickstarter!
There are only five hours left in the Kickstarter for Clockwork Phoenix 4, and at the time of this writing it's $566 short of its final stretch goal.

At $5000, the volume was definitely happening; at $8000, Mike and Anita got the means to pay contributors 5 cents a word, which is the minimum pro rate; and the final stretch goal of $10000 would allow them to launch a new web-only venue for fiction and poetry. Says Mike Allen:

If this Kickstarter can reach $10,000, that should be enough to fund 12 issues of a new Internet magazine. Each issue will hold one story (word limit 4,000 at 2 cents a word) and two poems ($5 each.) In essence, it will be a continuation of the MYTHIC anthologies we used to produce.

If we hit that goal, we'll launch in 2013.

I love seeing new web-endeavours launched by reputable editors, and really hope this is a thing that can happen. It's strange to say, but I feel that the creation of a new venue for poetry or fiction catalyses something in me as a writer: when there's a new venue, with its own identity and focus, I find myself responding with a different kind of writing I wouldn't have produced had it not been in the world. It happened most keenly and recently with Stone Telling, as I've said before. The creation of a new venue is a call to which I feel myself respond. It's interesting.

All to say I really very selfishly hope it gets funded, and can't wait to see what comes of this campaign.
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