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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Help Clockwork Phoenix go over the top!  
1st-Aug-2012 12:36 pm
Originally posted by samhenderson at Help Clockwork Phoenix go over the top!
Mike and Anita Allen's Kickstarter for Clockwork Phoenix 4 surpassed its initial goal amazingly quickly, and then its secondary goal of being able to pay authors $0.04/word. Now it's a little of $500 short of making its tertiary goal of $8000, with 7 days to go - this would enable them to pay authors pro-rates of $0.05/word. Check out the link for the rewards -- among them, a signed chapbook with a story by Cherie Priest, specially made clockwork phoenix pins by Anita, e-books, print books, and more! The Allens are goal-stretching not to make more money off this project, but to pay their authors a decent rate for the offbeat kind of fiction the previous Clockwork Phoenix books showcased so well.
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