Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Jack has to go to the vet.

We just spent $650 on Victoria to find out that she has allergies. So when Jack started lurking in bathtubs and under beds and being lethargic, we were like "this is probably nothing" and "he's just reacting to the heat wave".

But it turns out that Jack has lost a lot of weight, and we're not seeing him eat. It is really undeniable that there is something wrong with our doofy cat, and he's going to the vet tomorrow.

We managed to pay off Victoria without resorting to fundraising, but god know what Jack will cost, so, y'know, brace yourselves, and let me know what you might be interested in chipping in money towards. Almost certainly going to have to do a Wind Tunnel Dreams series. Theme ideas?

(When I do WTD, it means I can write any damn thing else; I'm using my finite spoons on junk food. So this means no progress on the Vegas short story, Cicatrix, or poetry.)

(Things I was going to spend money on this week that now I cannot have, indefinitely:
* a haircut. I haven't had a haircut in... over a year? Because something always comes up. I was chopping my dead ends off last week and I feel like I have fucked up my hair, and I finally made a hair appointment, for which I was praised for finally taking care of my needs. Now we can't afford it.
* Paint for the craft room (which I'd planned to paint Thursday and/or Friday, before Friday's concert), dining room (which I'd planned to paint, with the guys' help, next Monday and Wednesday), and my bedroom (less immediate).
* The yarn for the next strip of my striped Noro blanket.
I hate this, because I had $200 to work with and had carefully planned everything to maximize that $200, and for once there was something just for me and not For The Household. Now I get to do none of it, because just the initial vet visit tomorrow will take that $200; heaven knows what all the tests will cost. And I'll likely have to go to my mother, hat in hand, and I still haven't paid back the money she loaned us for the move, because Something Always Comes Up. This is the exhausting thing - every single month, Something Comes Up, something that snatches an average of $500 from us.)

All selfishness aside, he is our doofy cat and he needs help and we will fix him.
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