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FYI, we have officially ticked over to me having a full week of mild-to-moderate sleep dep (only fully awakened three times last night, wheee) and the concomitant fatigue and inability to engage my brain, body, or brain and body at any given time. Which is why I missed Wendy Ellertson's opening, friends' housewarming, and a writing date. :( And missing things gives me the bonus "OMG I SUCK" feeling. So. Trying to be gentle with myself as I try to wrestle myself back on track. Trying to remember to hold myself to the standard I'd hold others to, not the impossible standard I usually hold myself to; trying to be kind.



You have been advised. I might even have the craft room painted then. We'll see.

Despite my physical issues this weekend, we got a lot done! Benefits of having the to-do lists in place; I don't have to figure stuff out when my brain is offline. So my bedframe got reassembled in Adam's room and now he has a bedframe and boxspring like an adult, and we painted the downstairs bathroom, and a lot of other stuff.

I dragged Judah into the freshly-painted-green bathroom and said "You know what I would do if we owned this place? I would do a string art tree on this wall, with embroidery floss in several shades of brown and red and dark gold for the trunk."

"Why not do that now?"

"Imagine all the spackling we'd have to do when we move!"

He kissed me. "I'll do the spackling. Make your tree."


I sleepily babbled to him when he tucked me in at not-long-past-9 that night and how I was working hard to make this a real home for us. We haven't had a home I've been able to relax in since 2002? 2003? The first Atlanta house. The second Atlanta house had the landlord who lived just up the street and would randomly appear in our backyard staring in our windows. And the first Boston house, just epic levels of awful that apparently I still have aftershocks from. (Well, we did only move in February.) These landlords are great, and this is really the first time in a very long time that I've felt like where I was living was my home. So I'm doing color on the walls and planning a tree for the bathroom (I will hang tiny Wyrding Studios pieces from it, the ones kythryne used to include as gifts-with-purchase). I'm designing stuff custom for the space. I'm unfurling. I'm nesting like I was eight months pregnant.

I didn't know how much I needed this.

Also, without outing anyone, I've seen several three-adult poly households assemble lately, and it makes me quietly happy that a bunch of us are finding ways to live with all or most of our beloveds.

Hmm, what else for now...

* There's a new Goblin Fruit! With poems by cluegirl, ajodasso, asakiyume, csecooney, domparisien, Sofia Samatar, and more!

* We're visiting Bay Path College this week and Green Mountain, Champlain, and Lesley next week. (Burlington friends, we seek crashspace Tuesday evening! Also, dinner?) This is our last blast of college tours for the summer; anything else will be fall visit days. Elayna and I are going to Florida the day after the Lesley tour, and Adam's going to NYC, and then there's my bookstore event and Pi-Con. And... soon actual college applications start. Which I'm not really ready for. It is bewildering to me that this person who has lived with me for her entire life, seventeen and a half years so far, will be leaving.

Hm. I suppose that is all for right now. I don't promise that I won't return.
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