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And Judah is off picking up our new bedframe, which we are getting for free because we are on all the best mailing lists. For the past, oof, 11 years! I've had this, which is not bad in itself... but it was propped against a wall and pinned in place by a metal frame on wheels. This is not a bed that has ever been meant for vigorous activities! The new one is much better, much more stable, and easy for me to decorate if I so desire.

The most important thing is that it has slats to grab onto. Not for the reason you think! But often I'll wake up to find that I have a death grip on the slats of our existing headboard. Just one arm, flung up over my head, hanging on for dear life, as if the room just shifted 90 degrees and the new floor is MADE OF LAVA. I have no idea why I do this. But I'm glad that my weirdness can continue unabated.

Also for some reason I feel more grown-up (in a good way) with a footboard.


So this week I wrote and submitted a story that rips my guts out, and I hope the editors feel the same. I've gotten a lot of what I think of as behind-the-scenes-writing-stuff done. I made a hair appointment finally - I've been in austerity/deprivation mode and so haven't been able to bring myself to spend money on myself, but I have been snipping off crunchy ends of my hair, and yesterday I found myself cutting a bit too much, so! I have set down my scissors and called a professional. That's for next week.

Tomorrow we have household project time, and our project list = finishing weedwhacking the backyard and trimming the side hedges and painting the downstairs bathroom. We will likely then also do another round of college research, because we have a lot of college visits scheduled that may not be 100% necessary.

I'm tired. But I've only had a cup and a half of coffee today.

I am talking around the Colorado theater massacre because I can't talk at it, not yet; I can't encompass it yet. I am sitting with it. I am sitting with it and listening to the birds outside my window. Elayna says it's like we live in the Rainforest Cafe. So many birds. The weather is beautiful here today; it won't get much above 70. I have all the windows open, and there's a breeze; my skirt riffles gently in it every so often. When Judah gets home, I will help him assemble the bed, I will have more coffee, I will write while the girls play Portal 2 in the basement rec room. Tonight I will go to Wendy Ellertson's art show opening tonight with emilytheslayer and skogkatt. Tomorrow we will go to a friend's housewarming. Next week we are having a Rebecca Loebe house concert that I should remind people of. I will knit the shawl I'm test-knitting. I will breathe. I will go help assemble a bed.
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