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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Instant Gratification Monday 7/9/12 
9th-Jul-2012 06:28 am
All y'all need to go get awesome things!

Originally posted by kythryne at Instant Gratification Monday 7/9/12
Signups for Instant Gratification Monday are now open! I will be doing simple commissions from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. eastern time Monday afternoon, and you can pay me whatever you want for your piece. It was a success the past two weeks, so I shall continue the experiment!

(As with last week, I will be livetweeting the pieces as I make them - follow @wyrdingstudios on twitter for shiny pixspam and whatever else falls out of my brain in 140 characters or less.)

If you can describe what you in one paragraph and I have the necessary materials in stock, I will make it for you! Simple is the operative word - I should be able to look at your request and immediately start working without having to ask for more information. (If you want something very specific or complicated or you need help figuring out what you want, that's a custom order with a $50 minimum and a 1-8 week turnaround time - if time permits I will also work on custom orders, but IGM requests will take priority.) Please be as specific as possible about what you want - I am a bad mind reader and it costs extra.

I'll be photographing things in small batches throughout the session, and I will reply to your comment with a photo and a payment link. If you like it, just click the link, decide what it's worth to you, and pay! First-class shipping is $3 for the US, $4.25 for Canada, and $6.25 anywhere else. I will ship everything either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. (Echecks have to clear our bank before I can ship your order.) I do ask that you either pay for your item or let me know that it's not to your liking within 3 days.

Caveats and restrictions: I'm limited to the materials I have in stock (but since I stock over a thousand varieties of shiny objects, that's not much of a restriction) and I reserve the right to limit this to a maximum of 15 requests and one item per person, as well as to decline requests if they are too complex for this format. Wirework only, no handforged or hammered pieces, no Ethiopian opals or other very expensive stones. If you're redeeming rewards points or using IGM credit, please tell me how many points you want to redeem or how much of your credit you want to use when you place your request.

Requests are open as of now! Tell me what you'd like and I will do my best to make it for you.

Please spread the word to your friends - I would love to get some of my work into the hands of people who might otherwise not be able to afford it right now. As long as this continues to be profitable enough to both cover the cost of childcare and put a bit of money in the bank, I will keep doing it on a regular basis!

(Need inspiration? New here and not sure what I make? Visit Wyrding Studios to see what I've been doing recently or browse through seven years of photos on Flickr.)
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