Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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Hey y'all. Catchup time.

* My poem "nameless" will be in the inaugural issue of Through the Gate! Yay!

* Things are slowly but surely getting done around the house; I've been doing a lot of evaluation of what has to get done and breaking it down into microtasks, because half of the household gets very overwhelmed when not presented with small steps.

* I tried out all of the paint colors we have samples of in the craft room this morning. Surprisingly, my favorite seems to be Sparkling Apple, which looked so neon in the jar that we automatically rejected it for Elayna's room - but on the wall, it is just bright and fresh and I kinda love it. I'm sad that there really doesn't seem to be a place for the charcoal paint I really like, but it's definitely Sparkling Apple or Palace Purple for the craft room. I'm hoping to sway Judah to Palace Purple for the bedroom, instead of Butterfly Garden, which comes out more lavender than purple.

* I know, no one but me really cares about the paint. It just feels like tangible and exciting progress to me. Plus it's less expensive than the next round of improvements will be (window treatments and lighting).

* I still don't know what my huge resistance to writing bios is all about, but I have got to suck it up and write my Pi-Con bio; the one on the website is a few years out of date, and the con is next month, and yeah. The good thing is that doing an updated bio will give me one to send to Through the Gate, so that'll be two things off my to-do list!

* Adam and Elayna are touring Framingham State this morning, and they'll be continuing her job search this afternoon - she's applying at our library's cafe and a few other places. Obviously she's most interested in the library gig. Judah is picking up some chairs I found because I win at Craigslist; they will go in the game room. We will pretty much have a revolving door of family all day - I'm hoping that after Judah drops off the chairs and Elayna goes off to interview, I'll have some uninterrupted time. I think I can finish my not-a-ghost-story today if I have an hour or so without interruptions, and I really do need to clear the decks of short fiction so I can get back to work on Cicatrix first thing Monday! Provided everyone's schedules don't change on me again. Oh, summer, I do not love you.

* This weekend we are maybe going to the ICA, and definitely touring Mount Holyoke, seeing Magic Mike, finishing weeding the backyard plot, and doing a bunch more around the house! You?
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