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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Hey y'all, it is Friday! (Did you think that meant I have a break… 
22nd-Jun-2012 11:42 am
Hey y'all, it is Friday!

(Did you think that meant I have a break coming up? I laugh in the face of you thinking I get a break.)

Continues to be ridiculous. The living room is cool enough for me to function, and the bedroom is actually great. My office is stifling, though, and so's the dining room, and any other place where I might be able to get work done. Oof. I will figure something out. Elayna's going to a friend's house. Adam's working from home. If I can get him to stay downstairs, maybe I can rig up something in the living room or my bedroom with one of the folding snack tables?

So of course I'm getting jumped by short stories.

1. Not a ghost story. Wrote half of it last week; just been waiting to get a chance to jump back on it. It is very unusually structured! Not sure if people will go for that, but we'll see. It's very clearly the way the story wants to be told.

2. The third magical-Vegas story. I wrote the intro to it a while ago and set it aside because I didn't yet know the why of it; I had two characters with great chemistry and a great mythic theme and backstory, but I didn't know why their connection mattered. As of yesterday, I do, and I think it's really good, and I can't wait to jump on it! This is the story that connects "The Angel of Fremont Street" and "Fortune" with Places You Haunt; one of the protagonists in it is the person Hal's a discard of (this makes sense if you read "Angel"), who's a main character in Places You Haunt, and the events of this story parallel the seven-years-ago story of Places You Haunt, but from a very different POV. Now that I have that pivot point, I am all manner of excited about it. And yes, it'll totally work solo.

3. So of course another one jumps me this morning. Poor Judah, waking up to me scribbling maniacally about katabasis.

She is slowly but steadily improving, thank goodness. Doofy cat.

Thank you!
crisavec, sairaali, and rain_herself, thank you again for helping us with the vet bill!

Hopefully after writing time today, I'll have time to put together a revised WTD and get it to scifantasy, who's offered to ebook it for me, and next week I will have a thing to sell you. *nod* This'll be the best of the previous print edition plus the best of the other fiction and poetry that's been on my LJ since.

I'm sensing a theme.
I am having a week of people trying to tell me my business, and I am just not having it anymore. Be forewarned. I am entirely out of fucks to give.

Because people always worry: If I have a problem with your behavior, you already know about it. If I have not told you, in no uncertain terms, to step off, we are okay. Do not worry. I believe in being very clear. One does not solve problems by letting things fester.

I am a bridesmaid for fiddle_dragon and zeyr, so that's what I'm doing all this weekend! Hrm. After writing and editing, I should do my nails, I suppose.

How's by you?
22nd-Jun-2012 07:29 pm (UTC)
The teeter-totter ride continues.

I was feeling kind of good about progress this week, with a little messy-house annoyance, when we get not-promotion news for Greegan, which could be a back-breaking-straw kind of thing for him. }:-\ This feels like a very teetery spot, and I hope I can help us find balance at the end of the day.
23rd-Jun-2012 12:13 am (UTC)
Welp, I'm going with a friend to my friends album party tonight and tomorrow must get hair done, sunday will hang out with tanyad and E hopefully.
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