Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

(The cat's nickname is Bitchcakes. Is why I keep using this icon.)

So it is looking like Victoria's whole damn deal is allergies and asthma.

We spent $650 to find that out. I am consoling myself by telling myself that really we spent the money to find out she doesn't need thousands of dollars of surgery, but still. We did not have $650. This is one of those years where we keep getting hit with massive expense after massive expense. I have not yet been able to start paying my mom back for the moving loan, and that bugs me.

Judah was able to cover yesterday's expense (Adam and I split Saturday's between the bank account and a credit card). I'll have to pay him back, but that buys us a little time, at least, to figure out how best to do so; a Wind Tunnel Dreams e-book reissue would take a few days to put together, at least.

Also, yesterday was brutally hot and the guys had not yet put in any AC units, so I was really incapable of rational thought. There are ACs in the living room and my bedroom now; I have to figure out what to do about my office, which current just has a window fan allegedly and ineffectively pulling hot air out. It's intolerable in there today, though, and I do need a workspace.

St00pid weather.

So yes, Tor will be fine. She's on nasal drops (she was gulping and hacking because she was gagging on postnasal drip) and steroids, and already she's starting to eat again and has given a few of her characteristic chirrups.


So yes, today is for writing I hope, if I can find a place to write where I can also breathe, and figuring out my fundraising. If I re-release WTD, I'll need a cover; who has cover-making skills?

*sigh* Cats.

EDIT: Since I am being asked, PayPal is at shadesong@gmail.
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