Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Life with 'song

I need three pounds of chicken parts for tonight's crockpot dinner.

Dilemma: Chicken parts are in downstairs freezer, and kitchen scale is upstairs. (Yes, we have two full kitchens.)
Dilemma: I have no idea what three pounds feels like.

Option 1: Bring kitchen scale downstairs, weigh chicken, bring chicken and scale upstairs, profit.
Problem: I only have two hands. And my pockets are not big enough for chicken or scales.

Option 2: Estimate three pounds.
Problem: If I am wrong in my estimate, this means another trip up and down the stairs.

Note: Due to yesterday's big weather pressure changes, I was in a lot of pain yesterday afternoon and barely mobile in the evening; I'm better now than I was then, but am still very ouch, so trips up and down the stairs must be rationed. Spoons, y'all. Each trip takes at least one.

Option 3: Bring kitchen scale and two plastic shopping bags downstairs. Weigh chicken. Put chicken in one bag, scale in the other, bring 'em all upstairs.
Workable, but seems overly complex.

Option 4: E-mail Adam and Judah bitching about inaccessible chicken and threatening mutiny, showings of Grease 2, and cupcakes for dinner.
Problem: Does not actually solve chicken dilemma.

Option 5: Just bring up all the damn chicken.
Option 5.1: Put kitchen scale for downstairs kitchen on wishlist.

*decisive nod*

...this stuff is less complicated for other people, I am certain of it.

(Unrelated PS: Victoria is eating just fine and is making the horky sound less. Will still try to get some olive oil into her. When other people are home and can help/film it for YouTube.)
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