Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

*stretch* Hello, Monday.

Yay, my weekend was a Grand Success. Even if the only thing that had gotten done was Elayna's college-stuff sorting, it would have been a Grand Success.

This calls for bullet points!

* The Bloggess was fantastic. Elayna and I managed to get seats close to each other at the front; the store was jam-packed and Elayna was feeling agitated and claustrophobic, but aha! I always carry a book. In this case, The Bloggess's book. So Elayna dove into that and fell in love, and has refused to surrender it since. She's almost done with it. She's never really fallen into nonfiction like this before; I need to gather up all of the humorous memoir books for her!

* The Bloggess in person was also fantastic. She was overwhelmed by the crowd, and read a story about epic pooping. Note: I was not the person who asked the question about balancing parenting with chronic illness in the Q&A period; at this point I have more experience with that than The Bloggess does! I should write about that sometime. (I was asked if that was me, so I clarify. I was going to ask what Nathan Fillion's excuse for not showing up was, but we ran out of time.) Sadly, we did not get Elayna's picture taken with Copernicus, because the autograph line was foreverlong.

* Here's how that conversation went.
Me: "I want to take your picture with Copernicus the faceless taxidermied monkey."
Elayna: "Uh. No?"
Me: "So we can send it to Grandma."
Elayna: "Oh in that case YES."
Then we had ice cream. I'll Photoshop the picture, I guess.

* We decided at the last minute not to go to the Champlain College open house on Saturday, because no one wants a four-hour drive. Especially not when we'd have to leave at 4am. So instead, we tackled the Great College Stuff Filing Project, which legitimately took all day. (Which is why we hadn't done it yet. We did not have a full day to take.) We sorted by state and got to researching (does this school actually have your major? does it have a big splash page thing about Christ the Teacher? is it ridicuhuge? what are its average freshman SAT scores and GPAs? do they have typos on their literature?), then got to scheduling visits, and, well, much of the summer will be devoted to college visits. But we now have file folders for every college she's interested in. I had her make them, do check marks on the ones we've visited and write notes about them, et cetera. Now there is a gigantic file box. This afternoon, we'll work on creating a filing system within her e-mail and unsubscribing her from the mailing lists of colleges she's not interested in. GO TEAM US.

* We had a surprise brief visit from kythryne, Amy, and Miles!

* On Sunday, Elayna went to an amusement park with her best friend. This was actually her belated 16th birthday present. Yes, she's 17 now. It was really belated. They just never could get their schedules together. We paid their admission and gave them money for food, and her friend drove them there. Elayna is still thrilled just to hang out with her friends without any parents around. May she continue to be easily pleased.

* The rest of us had a family budget meeting, and me persistently asking questions led to our discovery of, which is - you guys - amazing. So much data! I have been fiddling with it and making new categories and sorting and budgeting.

* Fellow Strowler Jeremy had texted Saturday looking for crashspace on his way home from Netroots Nation (which I really need to get to next year), and our house is totally a Strowler Waystation, so sure. He brought booze and a picture of himself with Elizabeth Warren. Like you do.

* We really need to set up an actual guest room, even if it's just divided space in the basement living room. SO MUCH TIPTOING.

* And then there was True Blood. Which Judah had never seen. I think he ended up dizzy and bewildered. I got to recap Russell Edgington's story for him. With a bit of maniacal glee about the Talbot-goo in the crystal jar. Because yeah.

Today I have been doing stuff around the house... Adam gets Mondays off all summer, so my "Mondays are for doing ALL THE THINGS that are not writing" plan really gets enforced. Right now I am going to make the Big Project List for summer, and then I'm painting the bathroom. Tonight we have lbitw over for dinner, and we are making chicken & waffles.
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