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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
June Schedule 
31st-May-2012 12:25 pm

Writing time is until 3 every day; I'm sometimes available after that. Things in italics are things you should feel free to attend! Due to varying physical capabilities, anything could be dropped as necessary.

June 1: Jonathan Coulton concert

June 2: Cambridge River Festival, fiddledragon's bachelorette party
June 3: Carnaval at SomerStreets

June 4: Latrice Royale at Machine
June 5:
June 6:
June 7: Write Here Write Now open mic or Rock of Ages preview screening
June 8: The Bloggess at Brookline Booksmith

June 9: College visit: Champlain College
June 10: Painting my bedroom, dammit

June 11:
June 12: Lev Grossman at Newtonville Books
June 13:
June 14:
June 15: John Scalzi at Harvard COOP

June 16: College visit?
June 17:

June 18:
June 19:
June 20:
June 21: Emerging America Festival - The Pirates of Penzance?
June 22: fiddledragon and zeyr's rehearsal dinner/WeddingCon

June 23: fiddledragon and zeyr's wedding
June 24:

June 25:
June 26:
June 27:
June 28:
June 29:

June 30: Beginning of Summer Party
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