Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

SHELVED. Like a boss.


This house is much bigger than the last house, yes. The problem (in terms of book-shelving) is that it also has a) radiators that take up half of otherwise-useful shelf space and b) lots of very big windows. I love the windows for all of the natural light! But e can't have the walls of bookshelves we're used to having, so I had to get creative. And mostly sacrifice my craft room; it's still good for craft-stuff storage, but I had to line it with two-shelf bookcases (it's a sunroom, is why all the low bookcases), which took away most of the actual crafting room.

Anyway. Last night, Judah built a custom-fitted long and low bookcase to go under the biggest windows in the living room. Today I moved books from shelf to shelf and finally got to crack open the final two unpacked boxes. (I don't know if you know this but Jane Yolen and Roger Zelazny write/wrote a lot of books.)

Now all of the boxes are unpacked. Except some of Adam's, but I am not in charge of things that are not mine and do not belong to the household at large. And all of the books are shelved.

(Judah's reaction when I IMed him that the shelving had occurred: "I bet that feels AWESOME." Which is a clear and adorable I don't know why exactly this matters to you but I know that it does.)

So yes. 50 Cent (and after him, Edwin Abbott, if you don't count numbers before As) to Zoran Zivkovic. SHELVED. With room left for books that I know are in our TBR stacks. With two empty shelves to expand into. What? YES.


*stretch* Now I shall go take a walk, after which I shall write. (That is my new routine - walk, then write.) Tomorrow we'll work on painting my office, and then thewronghands is coming over to help us with horticulture.

I just like saying horticulture.

Then some Actual Socialization. I know. And Sunday, more painting after the CNC class Judah's teaching. Full weekend, as ever. But I am finally feeling a bit of accomplishment here. *nod*
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