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Here, We Cross is orderable, and now I can tell you about it!

In rose_lemberg's words: ""Here, We Cross" collects twenty-two queer and genderfluid poems from the digital pages of Stone Telling magazine. This chapbook is a celebration of speculative poetry that is diverse and varied; here you will find poems with speakers or protagonists who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, genderqueer, trans*, asexual, and neutrois; speakers who struggle with the body and the society’s imposed readings of that body. It is a painful book, a triumphant book, full of works that soar and breathe and live. Just like us."

"The Changeling's Lament" is reprinted here, with 21 other poems by such luminaries as tithenai, sovay, cafenowhere, samhenderson, alankria, alexa_seidel, domparisien, ajodasso, snakey, and many more, and you should go forth and acquire it.

In other news, I'll be reading, signing, and Q&Aing at Annie's Book Stop in Worcester the evening of Thursday, August 16. This is the day before my Guest of Awesome stint at nearby PiCon. You should totally come to both! (Many thanks to p_m_cryan and novelfriend for having me!)

Okay! More coffee.
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