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Adam had a doctor appointment this morning and ended up taking the day off. (His diabetes continues to be under control, and he lost a few more pounds! Yay Adam!) And the requires-signature package we were told to expect (by FedEx, not the sender) came early, so after I paid the bills, Adam and I were able to run to Target for three-shelf bookcases (I've given up on finding a two-shelf bookcase, and no one but me goes into the craft room anyway, so it doesn't have to match) and a few other necessities and Home Depot for more paint.

For those keeping track:
* Living room = Grassy Field
* Foyer, stairway, hallway, soon to be kitchen: Caribe
* Soon to be bedroom: Butterfly Garden
* Soon to be office: Sparrow

If I have leftover Butterfly Garden, I may use it in the craft room. Or I may go for something wacky in there, I dunno. It has lots of windows (it's a sunroom), so it'll still be bright.

I have no idea what to do about the dining room; right now it's peach above the wooden chair rail and hospital-ick green (the original color of the living room, foyer, and stairway) below. It'll have to be something that works well with the Grassy Field and Caribe, as it borders the living room and kitchen. We'll see.

But yes, this is a DO ALL THE THINGS day. Adam's finishing up bookcase #1, and then I can get started shelving. The only six boxes that remain packed are books. This can get done today.

EDIT: This can't get done today, because three book boxes = two bookcases, so the remaining three book boxes > the remaining one bookcase. *sigh* BUT PROGRESS.

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