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Monday Monday

Painted the foyer and half the stairwell teal on Saturday; yes, it was dry before the concert. (Which was awesome!) Yesterday, Judah built two more bookcases, and we shelved all the anthologies (seven boxes)! We only have six more book boxes left. Judah's going to build a custom super-low-and-long bookcase to go under the living room windows, and we'll be getting three-shelf bookcases to go in front of the fireplace. With another two-shelf bookcase in the craft room, we should be able to keep all of the fiction on the main floor!

That said, does anyone have an old two-shelf bookcase? The craft room is a sunroom, so we're using two-shelf bookcases in there so's not to block the windows. The other bookcases are white, but I can deal with them not matching.

Nifty Project!
off_coloratura is crowdfunding her first album! Read all about it here and here, and then go kick in some money! I would love to see this project happen. :) 10 days left! Act now!

Oh, that's what that is.
I have identified a commonality among some men who are interested in dating me until they're not. This is the product of years of research that I didn't know I was doing. It is retroactive pattern-matching.

I attract Manic Pixie Dream Girl Hunters.

I have been told that I can be mistaken for a MPDG at first glance. (I do not consider this a compliment.) It is true that I'm quirky! I wear glitter and silly socks! But no. After knowing me for a bit, it becomes clear that I am not there to MPDG-up your life. And that is when the MPDG Hunter catches sight of a MPDG and runs over and adopts her as his muse and glittering starshine, and I'm like "well, that happened." I have been hurt by this sometimes! But learning to spot it helps. Does this person want me? Or a MPDG? Because if they want a MPDG, I am so not the person for them. :)

If I was a trope, mind you, I would be an Action Mom.

I'm putting the house back together from house concert + hosting four guests, and planning the week out for everyone. Monday is do-everything day so the rest of the week can be wriing days.

How's by you?
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