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I don't remember how long it's been since I welcomed new readers, so here's a bunch: Hello to new readers justine_graykin, julieandrews, sayonaraophelia, domparisien, gothicsparrow, mela_one, kiri_moth, alexa_seidel, candle_light, and gem225! If I've missed you, apologies; you are also welcome!

State of the 'Song
Better than earlier this week. My legs are still pretty wrecked, and I'm trying to not go up and down the stairs a whole lot.

Walk for Change!
Sponsor Team Venture! Thank you so much to those who've already sponsored! Team Venture is in fifth place fundraising-wise. Can you help get us to fourth?

The fundraising for the Walk in general is way behind this year. Yeah, the economy. This is one of the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center's two big fundraisers, though, and they need your help!

Quick and quoted guide:
Here's how your donations can help:
$25 helps BARCC answer two hotline calls.
$75 pays for medical accompaniment to a hospital emergency room by a trained volunteer.
$200 supports the first three sessions of free counseling for survivors and their families.
$1,000 allows a new volunteer or intern to attend BARCC’s comprehensive training program.

So if you can afford to give anything, please do! As I just posted on Facebook: Your sobering thought of the day: If we gave $25 for every survivor of sexual violence we personally know, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center might never have to fundraise again.

You don't have $25 for every survivor you know. (Trust me. You don't.) But if you have some money you can spare, sponsor a Team Venture walker; we're doing this in honor of all of the survivors you love.

If you want to help us paint our living room, foyer, and hallway, come over tomorrow at 11! It'll be fun! You like fun!

Friday Memeage
Wearing: The BARCC Walk t-shirt I slept in last night. I always get them extra-large for sleeping purposes.
Reading: The 20-Minute Vegetable Gardener by Tom Christopher and Marty Asher - thanks for the rec, emilytheslayer!
Writing: Hahaha you are so funny.
Knitting: Hahaha you are so funny
Planning: I need to go to the library today, and then I may see if I can corral some knitting time. I'm down to Inbox 10, and some of the stuff there is stuff that needs to sit there, but I should do the rest today. (Two things = writing bios. Can I pay someone in muffins to write bios for me?) I've typed and erased any number of things here that would've required too many stairs/too much activity. Need recovery time, and to not make this worse.
Tomorrow: Painting! Greeeeeen! Then a friend's birthday dinner.
Sunday: Walk for Change! Then maybe horticulture with thewronghands, if she's available and I'm not wrecked.

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