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thegreenyear gave me questions, um, a while ago. Today is my day of going through and methodically taking care of all the to-dos that have been shoved aside for way too long. So! Answers!

1. You are about to send your gorgeous, talented child to college. Please give us your top five parenting tips.
My success as a parent is up for debate depending on the day and phase of the moon, because hey, teenager! But here are some tips!
* Parent is a verb. It is a thing that you have to actually do. Your kids don't get to be awesome by themselves - this is your job! Every moment really is teachable, and you should be using as many of them as you can, especially when your kids are really young.
* Be the kind of person you want your kid to be. Kids learn by example. If your kid sees you making the right choices instead of the easy ones, they'll develop an inclination to do the same.
* Talk to your kid like a person. Elayna grew up engaging in conversations with my friends, who treated her as if she were a perfectly mature and rational person, and so she was one. This poise is serving her well in college interviews, by the way. Mature and well-spoken!
* Self-care. It is all well and good to be as patient as you can and as engaged as you can, but none of us are superhuman. If you are frazzled and stressed and need a break, take a break. Take care of yourself - because you need it and deserve it, and also because you want to model that for your kid. Tap parents and friends for babysitting duty and go do some self-care when you need it. Happy parents make happy kids.
* Start Shakespeare early. (Substitute other cool thing here if you are not into Shakespeare.) When Elayna was in elementary school, I started showing her modern adaptations of Shakespeare plays, and then recordings of the original versions (think 10 Things I Hate About You/The Taming of the Shrew). I wanted her to see how malleable and adaptable stories are, and Shakespeare's got the most examples of that! She's developed a love of storytelling in general and Shakespeare in particular; we go to several plays a year, and she's in a friend's backyard Shakespeare troupe. So cool.

2. I know you are constantly working on many different projects. I wish I were as organized! Tell us about one of them. What are you doing that we should see?
I'm feeling more frantic than organized right now! :) Hm. In terms of things that everyone doesn't already know about, I'm working with omnisti on establishing the Strowler Arts Foundation. We're waiting on the 501(c)3 status right now. It'll be a nonprofit organization, yay! Our projects are manyfold, and include salons and conventions, but also - my specialty - organization, dammit. For strowlers of all stripes. My pet strowlery project can best be described as using my nexus powers for good and building a massive list of resources for strowlers, from income tax resources to mentorship resources to networking resources, to, well - are you coming to Boston? Do you need a venue with sufficient height clearance for aerial silks? Do you want a local opening band? a bellydancer? merch people? When I'm done, everything you need to set that up will be at your fingertips. That's not the only thing the SAF will be for; omnisti and Ben have their own projects, and there'll be a working group of people to handle other projects, but that's my primary focus. That and Boston-area Strowler salons and StrowlerCon.

3. You have received a magical token that allows you to change your hair instantly to become exactly as you would like it to be. This change lasts for twenty-four hours. What do you do with your hair?
Really, I'd just make it longer. I miss having waist-length hair! It's coming back from the last time half of it fell out, but it's only just past my shoulders. I am impatient. I do like everything else about my hair, though!

4. You have come into an inheritance worth $320,400.42. What do you do with the money?
I am so boring. I would pay off credit card debt, put Elayna and myself through college, then use the rest towards a house. I do love this house, but I want to eventually own a home again and just put down roots and never move again.

5. You can only drink one thing for the rest of your life. What is it?
Coffee. I have a lot of stuff to do, man. :)
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