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The #1 question I get asked these days, other than "how's the college search?", is "how's the new house?"

Short answer: AWESOME.

And hey, this Saturday, we are painting the living room, foyer, and hallway, and anyone who wants to help should come on over. There will be music and probably GF pumpkin chocolate chip bars. We're going with that grassy green. Love it.

So the long answer:

This has been so, so good for us. I still haven't posted publicly about the details of the situation with our former landlord; I'm being super-cautious Just In Case. We'll know within a couple of months if any legal action will be goin' on, and after all is settled, I'll do a great big post summing up what we'd been living with for years, and you'll be like "holy crap, 'song, no wonder you were a stressmonkey." I'm gradually coming down from the resurgence of PTSD that was running my life late last year/early this year.

So. This house.

Is amazing.

As I said before, it's about 1/4 to 1/3 larger, I think? I think 1/3. And it has the full attic for storage. So, just to start with, we have significantly less clutter - I no longer stress out just walking through the living room. With storage, we're actually able to have a tidy house. Whew. And the extra space means space for everyone; we're not constantly on top of each other. Everyone has their own space to retreat to.

We have All The Windows - so much light all day. I have an enormous tree that sort of wraps around in front of/beside my bedroom, visible from three of the four windows; I don't know what kind it is, but it sprouted yellow pompoms and then all of a sudden beautiful vivid droopy-down leaves. It is also visible from my office, where I'm typing this.

I've gone into basic house details before. What you want to know is how we feel in it.

I am finally to the point where I don't flinch when someone walks heavily in the living room or lets a door slam. (Yes, I was totally sound-paranoid for the past year or so.) I feel comfortable. With sufficient storage space, I'm not overwhelmed by clutter; with sufficient living space, I'm not overwhelmed by people. We had a house concert last week and we were not all on top of each other, and I wasn't wincing at the loud parts.

I feel safe again.

The neighbors we've met so far have been very nice, and lots of dogs get walked around here. I'm planning raised-bed and container gardens, which is yay compared to not being allowed to set foot in the backyard in the old house. I mean, it's yay anyway. Judah tried to talk me down from the gardening on the grounds that I'm already doing a lot, but I reminded him that I had been looking forward to this for years and it is a self-care thing, and he accepted that. I'll start small. I have a really ambitious project board, but I'm getting solid advice on which of those things can actually work, and I have good book recommendations, and thewronghands is coming over Sunday maybe to provide further insight.

The landlords also seem nice! And live several states away! So they will not be on our doorstep! And whenever we ask them about something, it gets taken care of pretty much immediately, no-fuss. We are adjusting to being treated like human beings and having landlords who actually take care of the property and don't get all up in our private lives.

Judah had been spending much of his time with us before the move, but now he's actually living with us. So how's that? Pretty awesome. As even my parents noticed, he and Adam make a great team. Which... makes me so happy. That I don't just have both of them; they have each other. We're still sorting out stuff like when to do our weekly meal-planning, but that's a thing that's okay to still be sorting out. The main thing is that we all function really well together. It's also been good for Elayna in that she's being treated by everyone as an equal housemate, which I think is important, given that she's off to college in a year and a half.

Also, we are closer to everything. We can actually walk to Harvard Square from here. (When I haven't been doing college tours all week.) We're just on the other side of Watertown, but it really feels like a whole new town.

Anyway. That is enough blathering for now. :) The takeaway here is that you should come help us paint. ;)
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