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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
And sometimes it's good to wake up super-early, even when you don't… 
18th-Apr-2012 08:38 pm
Unable/Lack of spoons
And sometimes it's good to wake up super-early, even when you don't want to and you really need your sleep, because you can startle your boyfriend by having the closet emptied and all of the sweaters packed into Rubbermaid bins by the time he emerges from the shower. Because sometimes that is all the self-accomplishment you get in a day.

I honestly do not know what to do about these accursed college tours. I always end up in hideous pain by the end of them. I seriously wasn't sure I'd be able to get back to the car without assistance today. There are all these stairs, you see. And slow walking. Yes, I know I just kvetched about that a few days ago. But it keeps happening. My eyeballs hurt today, y'all. Normally that's when I hit the Tramadol, but I don't have any more Tramadol, plus it didn't do much for me anyway. Maybe if I bring my cane next time they'll reroute around stairs? I don't know. We were going to see about visiting Framingham State on Friday, but I'm thinking I could use a break.

On the plus side, aelscha gave me a trash bag full of yarn. The yarn isn't trash. It is perfectly awesome yarn, some in the green I've been all up on lately, and sweater quantities of a nice charcoal grey DK. The trash bag was merely for transportation. When we got home, I emptied it onto the living room floor to survey it, and Victoria rolled around in it, so! good times for all. Adam thinks that this much yarn is indicative of a Yarn Problem. I maintain that if all of my yarn can fit into one small room (most of it in the desk hutch, even), I do not have a Yarn Problem. Adam has never heard of SABLE.

I sort of ran out of steam on that last paragraph, and have been idly staring at the screen for a little bit. Tired 'song is tired. Bed early tonight for sure. No college tours tomorrow. Elayna's best friend is coming over and they will go take pictures at the cemetery and then play video games, and I hope I will write (after sleeping way in), and I'll do the Broad Universe interview I had to put off the other day due to exhaustion and lack of brain.

I wish I knew why Dar Williams looks so sad on her new album cover. I want to reach in and hug her. Dar, you are awesome. But so morose. I want to give you cookies. With sprinkles. (Y'all, Dar Williams has a new album out, and it is all about mythology. Listen. Also read the article.)

Staring at the screen again, so! Signing off.
19th-Apr-2012 12:44 am (UTC)
Can you, or Elayna, call the Office of Disability Concerns (or whatever it is called) at the college you are going to visit and ask what is available for folks who are mobility impaired but would like to visit the campus with their child?

They may be able to give you the whole college tour experience in a package that would make it easier and not have you a total physical mess by the end.
19th-Apr-2012 04:14 am (UTC)
Regarding college tours, I would ask for a wheelchair, or see if you can borrow/rent one for the day. Give them a heads up before you come.

Besides, if it's a group tour, it will demonstrate their ability to be inclusive (always a liberal-arts school advertising bonus!).
19th-Apr-2012 11:39 am (UTC)
If you want to go this route, you can borrow mine for a couple of weeks. (I would like to have it on hand after my surgery, though.) it's super light and pretty comfortable, and while I HATE having to use it I can tell you that it is even better than a cane for singling out the decent people from the assholes.
19th-Apr-2012 11:55 am (UTC)
I actually only have one more tour scheduled before your surgery; saving the rest for the summer. Borrowing it then would be great!
19th-Apr-2012 02:04 pm (UTC)
People with mobility issues who attend DragonCon have recommended seat canes in the past. (They're a cane crossed with a folding chair.) It won't help with slow walking, but if there's a lot of standing around...
19th-Apr-2012 11:53 am (UTC)
Good point!
19th-Apr-2012 01:41 pm (UTC)
If you're not already, can you and Adam switch off on college tour duties? In my case at least, it wasn't necessary to have both parents there, I just needed one person to help me keep my eyes on the important things and not the "ooo shiny" factors.
19th-Apr-2012 01:53 pm (UTC)
We did during her February break, because he was able to take the week off; he wasn't able to this week. :( We're going to schedule as many things as possible on Saturdays so he can get there with or instead of me as body permits, and he gets Mondays off during the summer, so we'll try to do Mondays then.
19th-Apr-2012 03:46 pm (UTC)
New Dar Williams! I didn't know. Thanks!
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