Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Turning on a dime

We had plans! Everything changed! Everything keeps changing! Wheeeee.

One thing that totally got done: the IKEA trip. I got my new desk (in white/green) and chair (in blue), and Elayna got a lot of new stuff for her room. Sadly, they didn't have what I needed for the foyer, and Judah insists that he can do office storage furniture better, and Ikea inexplicably only had picture frames in weird sizes (seriously, no 9x12 or 11x14?), so we didn't get *everything*. But we got enough.

At the cost of totally wrecking my body, because the college tour Saturday really got the ball rolling there. I love visiting campuses, but I hate the campus tours. So many stairs. So many inclines. So much really slow walking, which is just the worst for my body - I can do a brisk walk for a good long time, but slow walking exhausts my muscles like whoa.

So after the campus tour, we went to Cabin in the Woods. (With Bliss! We had a Bliss for the weekend.) My spoiler-free review on Twitter was OMFG YOU GUYS. Adam's spoiler-full review is over here. Short version: You need to see it. A) because it was awesome and b) because it's the movie most future horror movies are going to be in conversation with.

We were going to visit Hampshire today, but I've heard it's rather more potheady than we're looking for and none of us could deal with the idea of being on the road at 6am. What we'll do eventually is just do a standard campus tour/info session there and at Mount Holyoke same day, to cut down on driving and being up before dawn. Instead, she's taking a practice SAT right now. Later we'll go to Target for frames and bookcases ($20 at Target, $50 at Ikea, my choice is clear) and stuff for my office, and paint posterboards with the wall colors we're interested in - on a whim, I decided to try charcoal grey, too. Opens us up to more color choices for the curtains. (We found perfect fabric for the curtains at Ikea, but it would've been over $200. Um. No.)

Now I must finish setting up my new desk, pack away my sweaters, and excavate my short-sleeved shirts, because it is warm out, yay!
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