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Right, so, we talked about my house-stuff frustration yesterday, and I've been informed that no one gives a single solitary fuck what I do re: the house, so I shouldn't even discuss decisions with anyone. I should just go ahead and do whatever I want. I'll be over here with an eyebrow raised in case anyone wants to take bets on how soon various family members will reverse their position on that. I mean, we do have room out back for a goat.

Related: the things people did have opinions on! Judah thinks this green would be good for the living room/foyer/stairwell/upstairs hallway; I preferred the lighter greens at first glance, but Judah thinks a lighter green will make the purple couch look too dark, and that a darker green will bring out the purple more. So we'll get a sample can of that on Saturday and paint a posterboard so we can see what it looks like a bit bigger, without fully committing. Painting is scheduled for April 21. Do you like painting? Come paint with us!

Surprisingly, the only fuck given regarding the garden was given by Elayna, who I didn't think would have an opinion. She has requested raspberries and, if there's room, strawberries. I'd like blackberries, m'self. I believe those can all be container-gardened in the courtyard. I'll be going through the catalogs today picking out veg to grow - I am a big fan of beets, winter squash, garlic, carrots, onions.... there'll be a corkboard all set up. And hopefully tomorrow there'll be some time to stop by a local nursery to at least do recon, get tips, and maybe pick up herbs (expect rosemary in everything). We need to build raised beds. I don't know when that's going to happen. If you are local and know your way around this stuff, please do let me know!

Stuff To Do Today
* Garden research
* Measure art-to-be-framed
* Measure areas what need storage pieces
* Make IKEA shopping list
* Clear off current desk

* Pack away sweaters and unpack warm-weather clothing
* Bake bread and muffins/treats for house concert
* Mail checks
* Library and bank, if time
* Hopefully a row or two of knitting
* Hey, house concert.

* Touring Lasell College with Elayna
* Picking up paint & posterboard on the way home; applying item A to item B.
* Nursery visit
* Socialization options include a barbecue, a party, and dancing.

* IKEA trip
* Building stuff I bought at IKEA
* Elayna needs to take a practice SAT
* Meal planning & grocery shopping
* Making Judah and Elayna watch Evil Dead so e can see Cabin in the Woods sometime soon?

Next Week
Monday: Visiting Hampshire College and maybe Mount Holyoke, getting interviewed by Outer Alliance
Tuesday: Visiting Lesley, going to Neal Stephenson event, maybe going to Neuroscience of Sex talk during dinner
Wednesday: Visiting Brandeis
Thursday and Friday: I might get to rest?
Saturday: Painting my damn house, and a friend's birthday dinner
Sunday: BARCC Walk for Change.


Right, then. I'm going to go get started on today's list.
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