Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Now is the time of day when I wrestle with myself over my unwillingness to eat lunch. While I'm doing that, a post!

I've been looking for a desk for weeks, and it had not occurred to me to put the request on here. Because I am very silly. Basically, my desk is too big for my new office; I want something small and simple. Unfortunately, small and simple seems to cost at least $200. I just want a very basic rectangular desk. A Parsons table would be perfect. I really like this, but I do not have $165 at this time. I have 47" max to work with on this wall. Anyone have anything?

I am doubly vexed because I can't hang up art in here til I have a desk that doesn't take up all vertical space, and I can't do much re: art-hanging in the other rooms til I know what I have room for in here, so I'm in this loop of "I must do X project! Wait, I can't do that until Y, which I can't do til after Z, which I can't do til I can hang art, which I can't do til I have a desk." Also this desk is going to be Adam's desk, so he can't finish setting up his office space til I have a desk, et cetera, you see how this goes. Vexation! For the want of an inexpensive Parsons table I am spinning my wheels.

Also I need picture frames. That's a whole 'nother thing. Mental note: measure unframed art today.

It's spring, and so I have plants happening all around, and I do not know what they are! Elayna has taken pictures, and hopefully she'll upload them soon, because I feel certain that someone out there can ID them for me.

Mental note: Also sit down family and schedule the building of the raised beds, a trip to get seedlings, and a perusal of the seed catalog. I know we're planting garlic. Garlic does not just mean garlic, you know. It means garlic scapes. Om nom nom garlic scapes.

Reminder: We are having a house concert on Friday, and I hope to see as many of you there as can make it! It has been too long!

Reminder: The BARCC Walk for Change is next Sunday, 4/22! Thanks to an extremely generous anonymous donor, I have made my goal, but the rest of Team Venture's still working towards theirs. SPONSOR US TODAY! And walk with us if you can!

Have you heard about the shit that went down at the BSFA awards and Eastercon in general? Here are some links. (This is not a sexual violence thing. Since it is me posting this, I feel like I should say that.)

My resistance is being overcome by my hunger. I leave you with this.

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