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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
House concert! 
4th-Apr-2012 10:36 am
I can't remember if I've said here or only on Facebook. We're hosting a house concert on Friday the 13th! The band is The Onlies, they are friends-of-friends, they sound awesome, and they are brand spankin' new. I may bake a cake. Look, I just like baking cakes. Come eat the cake. And listen to some great music, and have fun, and, um, bring floor cushions.

Copied straight off the Facebook event:

About the concert: Join us for a house concert, yay! $10-$15 suggested donation.

About The Onlies: The Onlies is a singer/songwriter duo composed of Fawn Larson and Will Harrison. Since their inception in September 2011, Larson and Harrison have been combining their unique styles to create a sound that is a mix of modern with traditional Folk, Country, and Bluegrass/Gospel music. Both members play multiple instruments. Larson holds down the fiddle, harmonicas, piano and ukulele while Harrison covers the banjo, mandolin, and bass. They also trade off on rhythm guitar and sing together as well. The Onlies' down-to-earth songwriting and love of storytelling-through-song makes their show captivating and pleasing to the ears! Check out their music here: http://www.sonicbids.com/2/EPK/?epk_id=351386

About the Sovereign Nation of Gojirawitziev: We're easily accessible on the 71 and 73 bus lines, and have ample parking. We also have three cats - medicate as necessary! Also, our new couch isn't here yet, so if you have folding chairs to bring, that's awesome; if not, we have an assortment and can pile blankets on the floor. :) If you're coming in from out of town, crash space is negotiable.
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