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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
23rd-Mar-2012 09:30 am
Hokay. So. I have a lot to do.

Join us
* We're going to The Tempest tonight. MIT Shakespeare Ensemble! Their Macbeth was okay, but their Romeo and Juliet was amazing, so they get a shot here.
* Tomorrow, 12:30pm, Capitol Theatre in Arlington, we're gonna see The Hunger Games. Because how can we pass up a chance to watch the Hunger Games at the Capitol? Really.
* If you enjoy punk rock and do not enjoy rape culture, you should hit the Smash it Dead Fest, a weekend-long DIY punk fest raising money for BARCC. I'll be tabling there Sunday afternoon.

Link Soup
* 'This Is the Time for Poetry': A Conversation With Alice Walker
* New tw/een trend: sewing. With Lilypad Arduino.
* ktempest has 10 Better Choices for the Next Doctor Who companion.

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Black tank top and calaveras pajama pants, but I am about to shower and put actual clothes on.
Reading: Amazon Breakthrough Novel manuscripts.
Writing: Reviews of Amazon Breakthrough Novel manuscripts.
Knitting: My Bracken shawl is about to become an Out of Gas shawl. Nod and smile.
Today I have to read another manuscript, and review it and manuscript #2 if the review website is back online. I'm hoping to have enough time to pack up my sweaters and unpack my short-sleeved shirts and skirts - we're going to have some more days in the 50s, so I'm leaving out the long-sleeved shirts, but sweaters should no longer be necessary. I'm also hoping to have time to run out to the grocery store, but priority one is those manuscripts, because dammit, I want to get back to writing! Tonight is family dinner and The Tempest.
Tomorrow, Hunger Games and then (I hope) Ikea! We need stuff.
Sunday, Judah and I have instituted Project Time, in which we get to make stuff. Yay. :) Later in the afternoon, I have that tabling at Smash it Dead Fest.

I have a lot. I'm going to go get started.
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