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Not a banner day for the Gojirawitz Girls

I'll tell Elayna's first; it's funny.

Elayna has not been bringing her housekey to school. We tell her to. She does not. Today this had somewhat hilarious results, in that I was not home when she arrived. She rang both doorbells, pounded on both doors, wibbled extensively - and then remembered that we have a set of storm cellar doors on the side of the house, leading to a door into the basement suite. She managed to pry them open and get down there with only a little bit of paint in her hair.

Adam, please start locking all your doors.
Elayna, please bring your key!

Why was I not home? I was picking up my new glasses. Or so I thought.

My appointment was at 2:30. At around 2:45, the eye doctor came out and took my glasses - and spent fifteen minutes off in the back room with them, intermittently helping other patients.

This is about the time that I realize that being without my glasses for an extended period of time is seriously triggery to me, seeing as the only time I've been without them for longer than it takes to shower or fall asleep is when I was raped, and apparently my body still, 18 years later, really strongly associates these two kinds of helplessness. And it is genuine helplessness - I'm very close to being legally blind. I really cannot see past the end of my nose.

So I'm sitting there wrestling with panic and reassuring myself that I am perfectly safe, and the eye doc goes "whoops."

...he broke my frames.

He does not have my frames in stock.

I ran out of air for a second there.

"We'll figure something out..."

I managed to throttle back all of my immediate flail reactions and just remind him "You know how bad my prescription is - I really need to walk out of here with a pair of glasses today."

He agreed, and went to search for a pair of frames that might work - which is really hard, because I have multifocals, so the frames need to be a near-exact match. I panic-texted my guys, listing all of the things I can't do without my glasses - Tempest and Hunger Games, yeah, but also reading, writing, knitting, watching TV, taking a walk, anything. Being without glasses means sitting on the couch triggered and trying not to lose my shit for days on end.

He found a loaner pair that is hideously ugly and overlarge, but mostly works. My frames are discontinued, but there were a few pairs left in the warehouse, so those'll be here Monday. (But those only lasted a year or two, so I'll need to pick out another pair for when they break, which I hate.) So I'll need to adjust to these and then readjust on Monday. But at least I can see.

I had a hard time, y'all. I rushed out of there because I couldn't really talk. I walked home and listened to good music and laughed at my daughter's shenanigans and I'm doing better now, but I had a hard time.

Also, if you see me this weekend, no making fun of my glasses. :P This is temporary fug!
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