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Conbust Schedule

Conbust is March 30-April 1 at Smith College!

11 AM: Pirates vs Ninjas, Werewolves vs Vampires (Room 206)
In monster mash-ups and on the internet, two groups will often war with each other, despite having more in common with each other than “normal people.” What makes a good match-up? What happens when a character fits into two groups? And who would win?
Co-panelist: Annette Klause

1-2 PM: Urban Fantasy (Room 201)
Pixies gamboling on a mossy knoll, vampires swooping through ancient castles, and elves serene in a sylvan wood... No wonder they’re cranky when they find themselves navigating subway maps and breathing smog. Magic continues to flourish in metropolitan settings, perhaps, but it twists, darkens, and changes in oh-so-unique ways that both captivate and horrify.
Co-panelists: George Claxton , Annette Klause

7-8 PM: The Geek Canon (Room 106)
The list is long, and you’ll never get through it all, but we have some great places to start!
Co-panelist: Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe

12-1 PM: Culture in the Round (Room 106)
For many readers, the people and cultures make up the most important parts of a sci-fi or fantasy novel. But world building is a formidable task. How do you create reality?
Co-panelists: George Claxton, Kelly Turnbull

They apparently don't do readings, but if you find me Saturday afternoon, I will read to you. :)
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