Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

I have for you some links.

* Help Kickstart the Scheherazade's Facade anthology! Check out thunderpigeon's journal for reasons why. Those of you who were at our reading at Arisia in '11 - that's where his story about the drag queen in hell is getting published. You want this.

* A friend of mine has created these awesome shirts. "Want to take away women's rights? COME AND GET THEM."

* Trigger warning because Project Unbreakable is all images about rape: Project Unbreakable is doing a Boston photo day. Not sure if I'm going, because I am busy that afternoon, but I've been pondering it.

* Interesting things about the 500 "new" fairytales that were just discovered: Schönwerth’s Cinderella is a woodcutter’s daughter who uses golden slippers to recover her beloved from beyond the moon and the sun. His miller’s daughter wields an ax and uses it to disenchant a prince by chopping off the tail of a gigantic black cat. Even better, that linked article suggests the collection might go farther than just focussing on princesses: Just as girls became domestic drudges and suffered under the curse of evil mothers and stepmothers, boys, too, served out terms as gardeners and servants, sometimes banished into the woods by hostile fathers. Like Snow White, they had to plead with a hunter for their lives. And they are as good as they are beautiful – Schönwerth uses the German term “schön,” or beautiful, for both male and female protagonists.

* Neil is so right here.

In non-link news, I reviewed the awful racist manuscript and read the next one - yes, I read a book or more per day, and I'm prioritizing blasting through these so I can get back to my writing! Manuscript #2 was just meh, which is a vast improvement. I'm rating it middle-of-the-road and giving it notes.

I get my new lenses today (keeping my frames), which will be very good - I've been feeling the extra effort it takes to focus. Some deterioration in my left eye, but no notable decline eventual-glaucoma-wise. My eye doc is test-driving a new superfancy machine in a few months and will call me in to be a test case, to get the most accurate picture of what's going on there.

Today I review manuscript #2, read as much of manuscript #3 as I can, get the lenses, and maybe do some shopping on the way home.

Oh hey. Tomorrow we're going to The Tempest at MIT. If you enjoy inexpensive Shakespeare, you should totally join us. Also you should join us for The Hunger Games Saturday early afternoon.

Breakfast! I should eat some!
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