Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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Phew. This was originally going to be a very different, more desperate post - we were trying to find a not-ridiculously-expensive way to get to Wiscon, and the only thing we were coming up with was a three-hour bus ride from Chicago right after the plane trip. My body really hates being in the same position for extended periods of time - spending a full day in cramped seating would set me up for a painful few days.

But as I was typing this post, which was going to be a plea for advice, I got an e-mail from JetBlue about their one-day sale - cheap flights! But only on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Me: "Which is awesome, but having to pay for extra nights at the hotel cancels out that savings..."
Judah: "...but would we have to stay at the hotel?"
Both of us: "We have people in Chicago!"

So we're pretty sure we'll be crashing with voiceofisaac Wednesday and Monday night! Bonus visitation!

So here's my question: Who-all's driving from Chicago to Wiscon, and do you have room in your car for me and Judah? If not, we'll take the bus, but road trips are more fun. We will, of course, chip in for gas. My big time restriction is that I'm running the refreshments table at the Gathering again, so I need to be onsite by noon Friday. I'd prefer Thursday, but we'll see.

So! Rideshare? Also Judah can help drive. (I can't.)
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