Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Oh, hello internet.

I totally failed to focus on writing yesterday because I was so distracted by all the household stuff that needs to get done. >.< Which is my way, and I know this, but it's especially suboptimal right now because none of the things that need doing can be done without assistance, and everyone is working or at late rehearsals. Last night nothing at all got done, because we all converged at the house (I had a meeting at BARCC) with just enough time to grab a quick dinner before heading out to Band-A-Rama.

Band-A-Rama continues to veer wildly from pretty nifty to AUGH MAKE IT STOP. This is the annual event where every band in the Watertown school system plays. I have often said that there is no horror like 4th grade strings, although 4th grade band is very close. New game from last night: bracket every song title with "for our sins" and "may god have mercy on our souls".

"For our sins, this is 'Mississippi Hot Dog Twinkle', may god have mercy on our souls."

I keep my snarking quiet, though, because hey. They'll get better. They just need more practice.

But we didn't know "Frere Jacques" was a dirge. Is all.

Elayna got to play "The Incredibles", among other things, and the subpar Lion King medley - when assigned that, she and her fellow-flautist best friend went out and located a better one that has "Hakuna Matata" and "Be Prepared". Apparently the conductor has never seen The Lion King and therefore was unaware that he had selected a less awesome medley. So they'll be playing the awesomer one at the spring concert, but they were stuck with the meh one last night.

Elayna never walks across a stage. She bounces and flounces and sidles.

*sigh* *stretch*

I have started making lists of what needs to get done on any given night, and must hold the family to it. For instance, we are a week behind on getting all items to the appropriate floor, and I need that to be tonight. Also, the art is taking up the entire foyer, and there's stuff there that Elayna hasn't hung since we lived in Atlanta. We need to decide what stays, what goes, and what goes where so we can hang stuff this weekend.

We will finally have room for the big Graeme Base library lions print.

My parents arrive on Wednesday. That's part of why I have such a sense of urgency. The other part is just that disarray makes me twitch.

Hopefully I'll be able to set that aside today, though. My lack of writing has been making me twitchy too. This whole post-move period has been me slowly re-instating things whose absence disturbs me. At least I did finally get back to knitting yesterday.

*stretch again*

Shower time, then hopefully writing time!
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