Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

So! We are in the new house!

(No, no word from our previous landlords yet. We give that til April 1.)

The unpackening continues. Almost all boxes are on their proper floor now. Elayna and I are just about done with our unloading... Adam less so. Judah not so much at all, because his room is ground zero for unpacked boxes! Just put out the call on Facebook for someone in need of boxes to come haul 'em away.

The house is so *big*. And so quiet! We're just a block from Belmont/Trapelo and a few blocks from Mt. Auburn, but the street's near-silent - no frat-boy yelling, no neighbor running power tools in his garage, no other neighbor's friends laying on the horn at midnight. It is improbably quiet here, guys!

With all of the bookcases moved into their proper room, I'm finally getting a sense of the space we have in the living room - and now that the windows are unblocked, wow do we get a lot of natural light. Gorgeous!

We're looking at painting the foyer/living room/stairway this green. We have another few paint chips on the walls, but that's the one I like best! (I'm thinking this or this for my bedroom, this or this for my office.)

All paint aside (and art, must hang the art!), and all my nattering about what tables we need and how we need to go thrifting for busted chandeliers for me to do art to and also succulent walls - oh, follow me on Pinterest - aside from that! It is feeling really marvelously homelike, and we are starting to get settled into routines.

Max has located all available sunbeams.

I need to get back to writing; yesterday I had a clearing-the-decks day. Today will hopefully be a writing day, because damn, I need one. I keep twitching because there's still organizing and moving-stuff left to do. But I need to get back to this!

I have an appointment with the sleep doctor today, wherein hopefully he will tell me the results of the sleep study I did a damn month ago, which apparently cannot be discussed via telephone or postal mail and requires me to drive through fucking Waltham again. I am cranky and resentful about that! Especially because he's 100% useless other than having some probably-useful data. I am not going to waste an hour listening to his crackpot theories again. I got shit to do, you guys.

I got a gift certificate for a massage from my birthmom, and I should call today to make an appointment to use it. Ugh. Unless anyone wants to buy a 1 hour Swedish massage gift certificate from me. Place is in Watertown. Nothing wrong with the place, I just really do not like massage. Also today I should make my eye appointment - get all of the stuff I don't want to do out of the way at once!

Elayna's school play opens next Friday, and she's been a stressmonkey about it. I hope she doesn't stress herself out of enjoying her birthday! Speaking of her birthday, my parents will be here next Thursday through Monday. Which is adding a lot of pressure on me to have the house impeccable before they get here. Augh.

My body is still ouchy, and I'm running out of Robaxin, so it had better quit soon. *gives body a stern look*

I'm in the living room right now, and Judah is making breakfast, and as many other things are going on, life is good. Hi. Maybe I'll bake some bread.

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