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Help Rose get to Wiscon

Originally posted by rose_lemberg at Help Rose get to Wiscon
Hi everyone. As some of you know, I have been hoping to get to Wiscon this year. to be there and do a series of poetry-related things for the release of the Moment of Change, and the release of the first Stone Bird title (as yet untitled, but it will be a collection of queer poetry from Stone Telling). However, my financial situation does not allow me to go. I have fixed medical expenses connected to my child's disability; as I am the breadwinner in the household, this creates an unstable financial situation for us, where I simply cannot spend this kind of money. I was able to go to WFC last year thanks to my Rannu Fund win, but this is not a recurring situation.

Some kind folks have put my name forward for a Wiscon scholarship, but I have not heard back, and time is running out for me to buy a reasonably priced ticket, register, and register for readings.

With that in mind, I would like to fundraise to cover at least for airfare and registration. If the Wiscon scholarship will come through, that will cover my hotel expenses, and if not, I think I will be able to manage the hotel if everything else is covered. So the minimum I would like to raise is 350$.

If you would like to help, there are two ways for you to  help me raise this money. First is to donate. The donation button is below. Second is to bid on a copy of "The Book of Shapechangers." The auction is also below. Note that I will not, realistically, be able to get to this before mid-May. If you are coming to Wiscon, I will bring your copy with me to Wiscon.

Both the donation drive and the auction will only be here for a few days, until Sunday night. Thank you very much for your help and support!


The Book of Shapechangers

The Book of Shapechangers is an artist's book, made as an accordion folder consisting of at least four and at most eight pages with block printed images of people who are shapechangers. The images will be printed by hand upon archival quality artist's paper and bound as a hard cover with decorations chosen by me. 

You will be able to choose one of the animals, and I will create a block print accordingly. The other images will be chosen by me. The higher your bid goes, the more images you will get. You can see the style of art you will receive here , as well as my process for creating this art (and please, please make sure you like it, before you bid - I don't want people to be disappointed).

Note: this will be a more modest creation than [info]hani's book, so please bid accordingly.

An even more important note: The Book of Shapechangers does not exist yet. I have ongoing health issues, so please only bid if you are ok with waiting at least a month (and, realistically speaking, more) until this will materialize.

I will make a maximum of six of those books, so the six highest bidders will be able to get one. Minimum bid is 25$.

If your winning bid will be 50$ or higher, there will be words to accompany your image, though I cannot promise you how many or which kind :)

Bidding is open now, and closes on Sunday., 4th of March, at midnight EST.


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